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Elets corporate-2017

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Elets – Promoting ICTs, Ideas and Innovations for Nation Building

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Elets corporate-2017

  1. 1. Print | Digital | Summit | Awards |Expo Promoting ICTs, Ideas and Innovations for Nation Building
  2. 2. Who we are • Started in 2003 • Leading institution working in ICT advocacy in development sector • Home to the popular media brands (Print + Digital) and conferences in: – Financial Inclusion & BFSI – Education – Governance – Healthcare – Smart city
  3. 3. We excel in all we do • Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to Governance, Education, Health, BFSI & SmartCity. Bring niche monthly publications Provide knowledge exchange forum Conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences
  4. 4. Strategic Focus Healthcare Power & Energy Financial Inclusion Smart Cities Cloud Computing Education Security Mobility Innovations BFSI eGovernance DigitalGOV CIO Pharma Manufacturing Retail
  5. 5. Our Initiatives Publications Knowledge Portals Conferences Awards & Expo
  6. 6. Publications • Engaged, Innovative and Informative publications • Keep readers ahead of the curve on developments in technology • Continuous quest to innovative ideas and approaches sets our publications apart and unique in all its aspects • Wide readership and engagement of CXOs, Policy makers, Experts, Industry leaders, Practitioners, Administrators, and Academicians
  7. 7. Magazines
  8. 8. Celebrating 150th Magazine Issue
  9. 9. Knowledge Portals • Engage leading thinkers, innovators, politicians, policy makers, academicians, authors, experts, industry leaders and administrators. Initiative URL eGov egov.eletsonline.com eHEALTH ehealth.eletsonline.com Digital LEARNING dl.eletsonline.com BFSI bfsi.eletsonline.com Smart City smartcity.eletsonline.com CIO cio.eletsonline.com
  10. 10. Digital Reach
  11. 11. Rich mobile sites and apps
  12. 12. Conferences • Landmark Summits, with a visionary approach and well defined sessions. • Provide unique opportunity to engage with the broad range of stakeholders • Catalyzes partnerships at various levels
  13. 13. Summits in India
  14. 14. Summits in India
  15. 15. Summits in South Asia
  16. 16. Summits in Middle East
  17. 17. Upcoming Conferences Key Themes • School Principals, Key Management, Senior Functionaries and Global K-12 Representatives • Education Ministers of various countries, Education Secretaries, Education Policy makers • Vice Chancellors and Presidents of Top Universities in the World, Directors and Deans of Top Higher educational Institutions • Education Regulatory Bodies and Professional Association Representatives Education • Edupreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists • Education Technology Providers wes.eletsonline.com/2017/dubai
  18. 18. Upcoming Conferences schoolsummit.eletsonline.com/2018/ Key Themes • Innovative School processes for Organised Systems • Innovative Marketing for better reach out for New Age Schools • Role of Administrative tools and Teacher Training for better Student Outcomes • The Science of Early Childhood learning and effects of childs development through life • Cashless schools : Benefits of Usage and Pitfalls to be Avoided • Technological Interventions for Progressive Schools
  19. 19. Upcoming Conferences 17 August 2017 up. eletsonline.com/2017 Key Themes • Smart & Digital Uttar Pradesh • Smart Cities & Smart Transportation • IT & eGovernance • Energy & Power for Smart City Ecosystem • Waste Management • Ensuring Safe & Secure Cities • Skilling Youth for Smart Cities • Smart Healthcare • Digital Payments • Make in India, Make in UP • Startup India
  20. 20. Upcoming Conferences 28 – 29 August 2017 http://foodandpharma.eletsonline.com/2 017/ Focus & Themes From Food Industry • Food Industry: Best Practices, Technologies, Innovations and Smooth transition to the new regulations • The Opportunity in the Digitalisation Drive on Hospitality and Retail Trade • Key Market and Consumer Trends Influencing the Food Services and Food Retail Industry • Growth Strategy for Food Services • Catalyzing the Roadmap Ahead for One Billion Plus Consumers • The First Peek: Product Showcase
  21. 21. Upcoming Conferences Focus & Themes From Pharma Industry • Overview of the regulatory Landscape for Pharmaceutical Industry • Pharma Industry: Best Practices, Innovations and Technologies • Growth Strategy for Pharmaceutical and Allied Business Services • The First Peek: Product Showcase and R&D Labs • Global Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Industry
  22. 22. Upcoming Conferences November 2017 smartcity.eletsonline.com/pimpri Key Themes • Smart Cities • Swachh Bharat for Smarter India • Safe & Secure Cities • IT & eGovernance for Smart Cities • Waste Management • Water Management • Smart Housing & Infrastructures • Smart Mobility & Transportation • Effective Banking for Smart City Ecosystem • PSU Participation for Building Smart Cities
  23. 23. • The Commemorative Postage stamp released on the occasion of eASiA 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh • Released by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Smt. Sheikh Hasina, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh to mark the 40th year of independence
  24. 24. Awards • Organised with the aim of highlighting, recognising and encouraging the leading models of excellence and sustainable innovation in – Financial Inclusion & BFSI – Education – Governance – Healthcare – Smart City
  25. 25. Awards
  26. 26. Expo
  27. 27. Flagship Conferences
  28. 28. • Conducted several workshops for capacity building of IT secretaries and other government officials of various departments Key Projects in Governance • Restructuring of Survey of India (SOI) and Capacity Building • With the aim of developing strategic plan for re-engineering of SOl to make it a user responsive organisation for sustainable economic growth of the nation
  29. 29. • Produced ICT for Development guide (www.eldis.org) with Institute of Development Studies, UK Key Projects in Education
  30. 30. Smart City Summits Key Projects in Smart Cities
  31. 31. Smart City Summits Key Projects in Smart Cities Pune, MaharasthraNew Delhi Bhopal
  32. 32. • Conducted several workshops Smart Cities with Municipal Corporations, IT secretaries and other government officials of various departments. • Sustainable Mobility Corridors • Smart Waste & Water Management • Sustainable, Solar & Renewable Energy • Smart Parking • Heritage Preservation & Tourism • Intelligent Transport System • City Surveillance Key Projects in Smart Cities
  33. 33. Key Projects in Healthcare • Involved in Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) and Disease surveillance supported by WHO • GIS as tool for understanding, analysis and enhanced delivery of health programmes in India
  34. 34. Key Projects in Innovations • Worked on ‘Gramchitra’ and ‘Community GIS on water’ supported by Media Lab Asia envisaged the development of a participatory model with help of community • Launched Voice for Innovation programme to give strength to the Indian manufacturing sector, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  35. 35. Grassroot Advocacy • Actively engaged in the global telecentre movement since its inception
  36. 36. Few International Partners
  37. 37. Few Government Partners
  38. 38. Few Corporate Partners
  39. 39. Few PSU Partners
  40. 40. Few Banking Partners and many more eminent organisations globally…
  41. 41. Stay in Touch With Usour office address and contact details Address Stellar IT Park, 7A/7B, 5th floor, Annexe Building, Tower – 2, C-25, Sector 62, Noida–201309 Uttar Pradesh, India Contact Tel: +91 0120 4812660 Fax: +91 0120 4812660 Email : info@eletsonline.com Web : www.eletsonline.com