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eUttar Pradesh 2015 - Shekhar Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Vodafone

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eUttar Pradesh 2015 - Shekhar Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Vodafone

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eUttar Pradesh 2015 - Shekhar Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Vodafone

  1. 1. Shekhar Agrawal Senior Vice President - Vodafone Business Services, India Creating Future Ready Cities With Vodafone
  2. 2. A Planet of Cities
  3. 3. Building Blocks of a Future Ready City Traffic CCTV Tourism Ticketing Parking Security Lighting Maintenance Smart Vehicles Air Quality Stadiums Energy Emergency Digital Signage Public Transport Safety Garbage People counting
  4. 4. Smart Solutions for Smart Governance 4 Technology supports execution and leads the way for accountability. Technology is a vital component in providing better Citizen experience . Embedding technology into governance is driving success in Implementation. IT lies at the heart of monitoring efficiency of Govt spends. Better Quality Better Connectivity Better Governance Smart Governance
  5. 5. Vodafone enables … Citizen Safety & Security Waste Management Transport & Traffic Management Interactive & Distant Learning Energy Management Our Energy Data Management (EDM) solution help cut down costs & CO2 emissions We support Smart Street lighting , Surveillance to create safer cities . Our Mobility solutions can make enforcement more efficient. Our traffic management Solutions such as parking payment, congestion charging, traffic monitoring, & connected signage improve traffic flow and parking availability. Mobilizing Healthcare
  6. 6. Creating Smart Cities across the Globe Turkey Spain Italy UK Netherlands Germany Qatar New Zealand Enhanced Public Transport Optimize Street Lighting Better Waste Collection Improved Surveillance
  7. 7. 7 We ensure Speed , Simplicity & Trust Mobile Payments m-Pesa mobile payment service is an integral part of public distribution services and schemes Enabling m- Commerce Aadhar Authentication Vodafone is the official Authentication Service Agency and Authentication User Agency and the first telecom company to launch a Proof Of Concept for UIDAI Enabling Unique Identity System Mobility Solutions Vodafone offers a rich suite of mobility services & applications - from Basic Enterprise to Managed Mobility Services, including a unique Service Delivery Platform. Enabling m- Governance Vodafone is keen & capable to transform millions of lives through mobility Machine 2 Machine Industry acknowledged global leader in M2M with more than 15million connections and SBU of 250+ specialists Enabling Smart Connectivity
  8. 8. Vodafone’s Last Mile to the Last Indian Citizen Ready infrastructure spanning urban and rural landscape Global Industry M2M Icon & Thought leader Enablers in Mobilizing Community & Social change Total Solution Provider to partner any G2G / G2C initiative Extensive Global Experience & Success stories in Government domain Ready Mobile Payment platform to support Cashless transaction & tracking 8