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Ejobindia-php training institute kolkata The next step of your career

Are You Looking For the Professional PHP Institute In Kolkata? EJobIndia-Provides the Best Professional PHP Training. We Have The Experienced Professional Trainer and they all are from the Reputed IT Companies. Not only that we are also providing the Job assistance after successful completion of the course.
For More Information Please Visit Our Website: http://www.ejobindia.com/

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Ejobindia-php training institute kolkata The next step of your career

  1. 1. Welcome To e Job India
  2. 2. ABOUT US Backed by a team of professionals, Ejobindia enables each fresher to build up a dream career in Software Industry. Since its inception in April 2005, Ejobindia has over the years successfully provided a fully integrated Software Training & Placement services to the fresh technical graduates. We are the preferred recruitment partner of many Big & Mid level software companies mainly from Kolkata.
  3. 3. SERVICES WE OFFRED Ejobindia offers three way services which mainly benefit… The fresher candidate by making them technically eligible and creating JOB opportunities. The Software Companies who look for technology trained candidates to save the initial training cost to freshers. The technical colleges by offering industrial training and placement support to their students.
  4. 4. PHP Training Courses: We Have Divided The PHP Course Into Two Parts: Normal Schedule PHP Training: Students as well as working professionals who have other involvements are not able to devote their whole time for training. For such candidates, Normal Schedule training is suitable. Course Fees: 8,000/-
  5. 5. Regular Schedule PHP Training: This regular PHP course is designed for students who can dedicate their entire time for the training and who have the goal of completing the training quickly to get a good job. Course Fees: 8,000/-
  6. 6. CONTACT US For More Information Please Visit Our Website: http://www.ejobindia.com Or. Call at: 9051025404 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Address: Main Office: Vasundhara Complex NP-9, Sector -- 5, SaltLake, Kolkata -102 Branch Office: AJ-124, Ground Floor, Sector-2, SaltLake, Kolkata -91