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The box

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vocabulary revision

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The box

  1. 1. THE BOX  Complete the text with some of the vocabulary we’ve learnt and change the form, if it is necessary: angry-upset-immediately-curious-look after-frustrated-for the time being-do tricks-worried-get away-excited-straight away-get on well-on his own-gets back-proud-in the meantime-throw away When the lights are switched on the mouse goes ______________________ to the food, _______________________ the old man is hiding. When the mouse gets on the table, he finds a box- it is clear that the old man is ___________________________to trap the mouse. When the mouse finally can’t _______________ and gets into the trap the old man is really ___________________ and he _____________________starts to sing and dance. But, suddenly, he gets ___________ and ______________. He’s ___________________. What is he going to do to take the mouse out from the box? He takes a newspaper and puts it under the box. He decides to put the box in the window sill but there’s a cat outside. ________________________he keeps the box inside, on the table. He decides to _______________ the mouse and gives him some water and some food. But the mouse _____________ the food ______________. The old man is very __________________ and decides to see what is the mouse doing. The mouse is ___________________ and _______________ . It doesn’t want to ______________________with the old man. The old man takes the food and starts eating it. But it’s not true! He keeps the food for the mouse and he gives it to him. And now the mouse accepts. The old man wants to be his friend but the mouse leaves and the man is alone, _____________________. But at night, when the man is sleeping on his armchair, the mouse ____________, it gets on his shoulder, smells him and eats the small bread crunches on his blue dressing gown. The old man opens an eye and smiles, he’s happy because the mouse now trusts him.