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Me before you and conditionals

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Me before you and conditionals

  1. 1. ME BEFORE YOU & CONDITIONALS We are going to revise and improve our conditional knowledge by watching some parts of the movie ME BEFORE YOU. The main characters of the story are Louisa and Will. 26-year-old Louisa Clark is a happy, outgoing woman who lives with and supports her working-class family. After losing her job at a local cafe, she is hired as the caregiver of Will Traynor, a former successful banker and once active young man who became paralyzed after being involved in a motorcycle accident two years prior. Louisa has no experience but Will's mother believes her cheery personality will help lift his spirits. Will only spends time with Nathan, his nurse, who assists with his care, exercise and movement and knows that he will never regain use of his body due to the damage to his spinal cord. While at work one day, Louisa overhears an argument of Will's parents and she learns that Will has given his parents six months before checking in to Dignitas in Switzerland for assisted suicide. Will refuses to accept life with a disability that entails dependency, pain and suffering without any hope for recovery of his old self.
  2. 2. Watch the trailer and say what type of conditionals you can see in the following sentences: “If you wear a dress like that, you’ll have to wear it with confidence” “You know you would never let those breasts so near to me if I wasn’t in a wheelchair” “Well, you never would have been looking at these breasts if you hadn’t been in a wheelchair” Watch the short video which explains the 3rd conditional and then watch Part 1 of the Movie. How would the relationship between Will and Louise have changed if Will hadn’t had the accident? Continue the story by writing three more lines. If a motorbike hadn’t bumped into Will and he hadn’t been in a wheelchair ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Watch the short video which explains how to express regret in English. Watch Part 13 of the movie. Do you think that Will is going to regret his decision? Complete the sentences: I think Will should ____________________________________________________ At this moment of the video Louisa may be thinking: I wish I had ___________________________________________________________ Or I regret ____________________________________________________________