The Thinking Tester, Evolved

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Keynote for CAST2012

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The Thinking Tester, Evolved

  1. 1. The Thinking Tester EvolvedElisabeth HendricksonBlog: testobsessed.comTwitter: @testobsessedAvailable from: Last updated July 17, 2012
  2. 2. Image courtesy of The Tire Zoo Under Creative Commons Attribution
  3. 3. Changes: Business Approaches Build MeasureLearn
  4. 4. Changes: Technology Product ArchitectureCloud Mobile Infrastructure Tools Test &CI Environment Operations Management Automation
  5. 5. Changes: the Pace of Change Source: Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of Ray KurzweilSee
  6. 6. Changes: Development Cycles Then: Phased Cycles. specialists in silos. Months or Years Between Releases Analyze Design Implement Test RELEASE!Now: Short iterations. Cross functional teams collaborating. Release cycles measured in days, weeks.
  7. 7. Changes: Tester Jobs A survey of job advertisements: In 2010: we examined 187 ads. Of those, 112 (60%) required programming skills. Another 39 (20%) listed programming as a nice to have. That’s 80%. In 2011: we examined 164 ads. 102 (62%) required programming. Another 38 (23%) listed it as a nice to have. That’s 85%. In 2012: Anecdotally, 100% of the 4 ads on the job board at this conference (as of this AM) either required or desired programming. Conclusion: testing as a profession is changing.
  8. 8. Re-frameImage courtesy of greckor Under Creative Commons Attribution
  9. 9. any activity that yields aboutthe extent to which our , our , and the are .
  10. 10. Tested = Checked + Explored
  11. 11. A variation on Brian Marick’s Agile Testing Quadrants  Confirm Investigate Risks toBusiness Business-facing Internal expectations Quality Attributes Risks to Tech- Technology- Internal nology facing Quality expectations Attributes
  12. 12. The Thinking Tester Analytical,Relentlessly curious, Observant, Skeptical, Empiricist, Critical thinking Investigator.
  13. 13. We’re not “just” testers Product Programmer owner Projectarchitect manager … Technical writer
  14. 14. Image courtesy of Brian Snelson Under Creative Commons Attribution
  15. 15. Testing is so importantthat everyone does it. Intentions ?? Implementation Actual Need ?
  16. 16. The Thinking Tester, EvolvedSees testing as a team activitySeeks to contribute & supportthe team in gathering empiricalevidence along all dimensionsApplies testing skills inperforming any activityPushes for earlier testing andtighter feedback loopsMeets their stakeholders wherethey live
  17. 17. New PathsImage courtesy of Nana B Agyei Under Creative Commons Attribution