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Seesaw Kickoff @HISD-MIMS

E-Portfolios: August '17 Pre-Service

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Seesaw Kickoff @HISD-MIMS

  1. 1. e-PORTFOLIOS Create, Share, Reflect, Empower! withSEESAW Elizabeth H. Eastman - August 2017 - MIMSHISD.ORG
  2. 2. Today’s Plan: ● Why e-Portfolios? ● What is Seesaw? ● Experience Seesaw as a student. ● Experience Seesaw as a teacher. ● Classroom-Set up for 2017-18. ● Resources, tools & classroom ideas ● Reflect & provide feedback.
  3. 3. Streamline & Facilitate: ◎ Reflection to show depth of learning. ◎ Sharing learning journeys with classmates & family. Plan & Strategize to Maximize Outcomes! Strategize: ◎ Access to technology ◎ Time to create portfolios ◎ Effort to provide ongoing feedback
  4. 4. Why e-Portfolios? 1
  5. 5. What has Changed? 1930 2017 https://vimeo.com/50148148
  6. 6. freegoogleslidestemplates.com Why e-Portfolios? Technology is a tool for expression Reflection = internalized learning Target personal goal-setting Visible evidence of achievement Influence on instructional practice @elizbtheastman
  7. 7. freegoogleslidestemplates.com Capture the learning journey Enable Ongoing Audience Feedback Capture a wide range of learning [Pictures, videos and audio recordings] Draw on alternate modes of expression Develop effective oral and written communication skills Growth & progress visible over longer periods of time Student ownershipMetacognition through self-assessment Diverse learners = Diverse expression styles @elizbtheastman e-Portfolios
  8. 8. QAspire.com Tanmay Vora Experience + Reflection = Learning that Lasts
  9. 9. “No one is born with skill. It is developed through exercise, through repetition, through a blend of learning and reflection that's both painstaking and rewarding. And it takes time. ~Twyla Tharp
  10. 10. freegoogleslidestemplates.com Structure? Hybrid & Skill-based Reading Fluency, Writing , Mandarin language development... [Specific subject areas, grade levels, academic programs...]Learning & Reflection vs. Showcase / Accountability
  11. 11. Classroom Ideas >>100 ways to use Seesaw Science Reflection Sight Words Student Goals Science Experiment Reading Response Word SortMath Problem-SolvingReflections
  12. 12. Portfolio Sharing Possibilities Language Audio recording Science Inquiry Reading response Art, pe, stem PBL & Research Writing process reflections problem-solving @elizbtheastman Explain a math concept or solve a problem Capture a written story and record audio Record a reading or language fluency sample. Share an interest or set a goal. Record and reflect on a science experiment. Give a book talk or share a reading response. Book Snaps for Reading Response
  13. 13. Classroom Ideas >>100 ways to use Seesaw Science Reflection ELA Fluency Music Written Essay Narration Padlet 7-12 Seesaw Science Reflection
  14. 14. Reflection Critical thinking Self-Assessment I can see evidence of growth towards my goal because... I was challenged by this work because... Some ways I will work on to improve are...
  15. 15. Why Seesaw? Teach digital citizenship & 21st century skills. Empower students to think deeply and reflect. Involve families with real-time glimpse into learning. Kid-friendly & easy sign-in. Create an audience and community of learning. Document learning as it happens. Voice & Choice! Visible Thinking Cross Language Barriers Ownership Power a feedback loop Achievement evidence & growth over time Alternate modes of expression for diverse learners
  16. 16. How does Seesaw work? 2
  17. 17. 1. Record, Draw, Annotate or Add Labels/Captions 2. Write & reflect! 3. Comment and Provide Feedback Capture Learning Artifacts [ analog or digital ]
  18. 18. Experience SEESAW as a student! 3Grab a laptop, chromebook, phone or iPad!
  19. 19. Go to Seesaw app or website [app.seesaw.me] Scan QR Code page to join my class!
  20. 20. ↳ Find your first initial and tap next to it. ↳ Touch the green plus to add artifact to your Seesaw journal. Do 2nd! Do 1st! [Logged in as student]
  21. 21. Waiting for teacher approval...
  22. 22. ★ Tap green add button in upper right hand corner. Take a photo [selfie or otherwise!] ★ Tap microphone to tell us a goal you have this year (personal or professional). ★ Add a caption or label. ★ Add it to your assigned Seesaw journal. Add a photo!
  23. 23. Parallel Lines Ex. Add a drawing!
  24. 24. Add a file!
  25. 25. Add a note!
  26. 26. Addavideo!
  27. 27. Check in with Seesaw Class Classroom Ideas Start simple. Snap photos yourself to capture learning in the moment. Document learning with students taking photos. Build in capturing new types of learning artifacts… >> Record, Draw, Annotate or Add Labels/Captions >> Comment, Reflect,Give Feedback >>100 ways to use Seesaw
  28. 28. Experience Seesaw as a Teacher! 4
  29. 29. Go to app.seesaw.me Create a teacher account at app.seesaw.me on Chrome or Firefox or download the Seesaw Class app.
  30. 30. Classroom Set-up 2017-18 5
  31. 31. Name your class and choose grade level.
  32. 32. Settings
  33. 33. Settings
  34. 34. Seesaw suggests sign-in mode. Print QR Code Poster QR CODE Sign-In
  35. 35. 1. Tap “Get Class Code” or “Student Code” if on the web. 2. Choose Print QR Code Poster. 3. Students will choose “I’m a student” from the Seesaw Class App and then scan your class QR code. QR CODE Sign-In
  36. 36. Seesaw suggests sign-in mode. Google Email sign-in
  37. 37. 1. Tap ‘Get Join Code’ or ‘Student Code’ (if on the web) 2. Share your Join Code with your students. 3. In Seesaw, students type in code, create student accounts, and connect to your class from their devices. Email/Google Sign-In
  38. 38. Email/Google Sign-In
  39. 39. Resources, Tools & Ideas 6
  40. 40. Introduce your STUDENTS to Seesaw! ★ Teacher Checklist Step-by-step guide for getting started with Seesaw ★ Student Challenge for Students Lessons for introducing your students to Seesaw ★ Task Cards Simple tasks with easy-to-follow instructions for your students [ideas.seesaw.me]
  41. 41. Simple tasks with easy-to-follow instructions for your students Go here [ideas.seesaw.me] to find task cards specific to your grade level! Task Cards
  42. 42. ● Watch the Seesaw Tutorial Videos to learn more about Seesaw features ● Use the Seesaw Challenges & Student Intro Presentation to introduce Seesaw to your students ● Use the Lesson Plan to guide your first month of using Seesaw ideas.seesaw.me
  43. 43. ❏ @Seesaw ❏ #seesawchat [Thursdays/6pm] ❏ PD in your PJ’s ❏ ideas.seesaw.me MORE RESOURCES
  44. 44. Structures & Expectations ★ Be selective & allow for student choice. ★ Instill a sense of ownership in students creating them. ★ Communicate strategies & timelines. ★ Aim to show continuous improvement and growth. ★ Make sure content meets needs of those assessing it.
  45. 45. Feedback & Reflection 7
  46. 46. The most valuable resource teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives. ~Robert John Meehan @elizbtheastman
  47. 47. Thanks! Questions? Credits ◎ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival
  48. 48. Hello! I am Elizabeth Eastman Instructional Technology Specialist@ MIMSHISD.org Twitter Pinterest Google+ Slideshare Blog MIMS Maker Studio LinkedIn