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Connected Learning w/Google Classroom @HISD_MIMS

Let's get our feet wet with Google Classroom Basics

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Connected Learning w/Google Classroom @HISD_MIMS

  1. 1. Google Classroom Riding the waves of connected learning with... E.H. Eastman January 2017 Let’s get our feet wet with Google Classroom Basics! MIMSHISD.org
  2. 2. Easy to set up Create a class & students join with a code! Saves time Simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments seamlessly. Improves organization Students access work on an assignments page. All class materials are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive. Enhances communication Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and questions instantly. Students can post to the stream & can help out classmates. Affordable and secure GSuite & Classroom contain no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free
  4. 4. 1. Create A Class Go to: classroom.google.com >Select ‘I am a Teacher.’ Welcome to Classroom! Create your first class by clicking plus sign at top right. Add Class Name> CREATE! Section is (optional) [USE MIMS NAMING CONVENTIONS] Next, you will view your class Stream. Take a Tour!
  5. 5. Teachers: When you create a class, a folder named ‘Classroom’ will appear in your Google Drive. Inside this folder will be the classes you have created. Students: Students will see a folder named ‘Classroom’ in Drive. Their folder will have all classes they joined & their assignments. They should never delete this folder! Whoa!
  6. 6. STREAM Class Flow of Information & Assignments ABOUT General Class Information STUDENTS Class Join Code, Current Roster, Comment Settings GOOGLE CLASSROOM TABS
  7. 7. STREAM The Stream is the flow of information, documents, and assignments within your Google Classroom. The Stream page shows upcoming assignments, gives you the option to show or hide deleted items, shows the class “Join” code, and allows you to make announcements or create assignments. STUDENTS Students tab in Google Classroom displays class join code, a current list of students who have joined class, and settings for the teacher to moderate commenting and posting rights for students. ABOUT Use this section to add general class information like syllabus and overview. A direct link to the Drive folder and to the Calendar in both Google Calendar and Classroom is available here too. GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  9. 9. STUDENT VIEW Class Naming Conventions?
  10. 10. ‘STREAM’
  11. 11. STUDENT VIEW
  13. 13. 1. Class Stream Change theme or upload a new photo. Post/View list of notifications of upcoming due dates. Post/View current assignments, announcements, and discussion questions.
  14. 14. ‘STUDENTS’
  15. 15. 2. ‘Students’ Tab View list of students Locate & display Class Code for students to ‘Join Class’ Teacher can adjust settings for students’ commenting.
  16. 16. 3. Class ‘About’ Page Name & Class Google Calendar linked to Classroom Calendar events in Classroom Direct link to Google Drive ‘Classroom’ Folder for the class Add Materials: >Files from Drive or Uploads (Syllabus)
  17. 17. ‘ABOUT’
  18. 18. Create an ANNOUNCEMENT Let students know about upcoming tests or to post class notes or study doc’s for absent students. Select items from computer, Drive, YouTube, Hyperlinks or File attachments. You can attach more than one!
  19. 19. Create a QUESTION Short-Answer: Great for Exit Tickets or Discussion Questions Can be Graded Students Can Reply to Each Other/Edit - Or Turn This Off Multiple-Choice/Polling See who did/did not answer. Choose to have answers be visible to everyone to facilitate discussion. [Summary of Responses]
  21. 21. STUDENT VIEWShort Answer Question Example
  22. 22. STUDENT VIEW POLL OR MULTIPLE CHOICE Exit or Entry Tickets, Warm-ups & Do-Now’s! Use Google Forms for Self-grading Quizzes!
  23. 23. Create an ASSIGNMENT Due dates can be given, but are optional Select items from computer, your Drive, Youtube, and/or links When you attach items from your drive, you can choose to make an editable copy for each student! Students can VIEW, EDIT, or GET A COPY.
  24. 24. TEACHER VIEW Assign to Multiple Classes Simultaneously!
  25. 25. STUDENT VIEW
  26. 26. STUDENT VIEW
  27. 27. STUDENT VIEW
  28. 28. STUDENT VIEW
  29. 29. Grading & Feedback Students can keep track of what's due from STREAM with Assignments page. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades.
  30. 30. ‘’ “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk
  31. 31. GRADE!GRADE & RETURN WORK Create & assign assignment. Students ‘TURN IN.’ Click the title of the assignment to open it. Click on a student’s name to show files attached & a comment section. Classroom categorizes every assignment: ‘Not Done,’ ‘Done,’ ‘Late’ or ‘Done Late’ Assign a grade: Clicking “No Grade” and enter grade. “Points” section at top can be modified. Be sure to click the blue ‘Return’ button to deliver graded work to students!. Note: When students ‘TURN IN’ they cannot make changes. If they ‘UNSUBMIT’ they can edit & modify as needed.
  34. 34. Resources Just the tip of the iceberg... Getting Started with Google Classroom from Fried Technology 50 Things You Can do With Google Classroom from Alice Keeler 10 Google Classroom Timesavers for Teachers from Ditch that Textbook 60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom from TeachThought 20 Best Google Classroom Tips from Google Pros from Who’s Reading
  35. 35. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: @elizabtheastman eeastman@houstonisd.org Feedback Form CREDITS: Special thanks to SlidesCarnival for this slides template!