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BrainPOP Tools for Creative Classrooms!

@HISD_MIMS Pre-service August 2017

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BrainPOP Tools for Creative Classrooms!

  2. 2. BRAINPOP CLASSROOM BRAINPOP CLASSROOM teachers can set up classes and track students' work. They can provide students feedback on their quizzes, maps, snapthoughts & movie projects & more!
  3. 3. BRAINPOP CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS Assign anything BRAINPOP offers - movies, quizzes, concept maps, Challenges, GameUp games, FYIs, and more! Students can submit their work for feedback, and you can track their progress through My Classes. Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Assignments with my BrainPOP
  4. 4. Create a Class: BRAINPOP CLASSROOM Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a My BrainPOP Teacher Account Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Classes for My BrainPOP
  5. 5. MY BRAINPOP TIMELINE AND ASSIGNMENTS Students using My BrainPOP can see a history of the movies they've watched, quizzes they've taken, and activities/projects they've completed. They can also view assignments and review feedback on their work from teachers. Step-By-Step Guide: Creating Student Accounts
  6. 6. BrainPOP Jr. Students can submit their work with My BrainPOP for feedback, and you can track their progress! MY BRAINPOP
  7. 7. For each topic, provides leveled quizzes and additional features that meet the needs of different learning styles. Talk About It is a graphic organizer. Write About It is a writing prompt. Draw About It is a drawing prompt. Word Play is an interactive vocabulary feature that enables students to explore key words from the topic. These features can be assigned and submitted through My BrainPOP. BrainPOP Jr.
  8. 8. BrainPOP Students can submit their work for feedback, and you can track their progress! MY BRAINPOP
  9. 9. QUIZ MIXER Customize assessment: build your own BrainPOP-style quizzes with the Quiz Mixer! Use a bank of questions and edit them to meet your needs, or write your own, including open-ended and poll questions. QUIZ MIXER
  10. 10. Quiz Mixer QUIZ MIXER Step-By-Step Guide: Create a Custom Quiz with Quiz Mixer
  11. 11. Prompt text: What is/are [Topic]? Build a concept map to visually represent your answer. Use the supplied keywords, images or take pictures from key parts of the movie. You can also add your own nodes. Connect the nodes with links. Assignment Prompt MAKE-A-MAP
  12. 12. Make-A-Map tool allows students to create concept maps and connect and develop ideas as they explore our resources. Students can include a written explanation of their thought process and submit maps to a teacher for feedback. MAKE-A-MAP Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Concept with Make-A-Map
  13. 13. Make-A-Movie creation tools empowers teachers and students to make their own BrainPOP-style movies! Build scenes using library images or your own drawings. Add narration then submit and share. This tool cultivates planning, organizing, writing, collaborating, and analyzing skills. MAKE-A-MOVIE Step-by-Step Guide: Create a Movie with Make-A-Movie
  14. 14. Readable version of original document Image of “original” Primary Sources Source Analysis Guide [Collaborative] PRIMARY SOURCES Students can experience content first hand by challenging them to examine and interpret relevant primary sources, from up-close images of Pluto and its moons to audio clips of Mahatma Gandhi. Archival newspapers, essays, documents, photographs and video clips related to BrainPOP topics to help students experience the history they’re learning about.
  15. 15. GameUP brainpop.com/games 100+ games in all subject areas GAME-UP Assessment: SNAPTHOUGHT
  16. 16. SNAPTHOUGHT Students can describe their thinking, make predictions, and draw conclusions at chosen points in the game. These reflections can be submitted to a teacher for feedback! With SnapThought, available on select GameUp titles, students can capture and reflect on key moments in game play. Step-By-Step Guide: SnapThought on Game-UP
  17. 17. </> CREATIVE CODING https://www.brainpop.com/creative-coding/landing-page/ Students can show what they know about Brainpop topics with a choice of coding projects. Creating animated movies, memes, newscasts or augmented reality doodles using vidcode are new options!
  18. 18. SUPPORT RESOURCES educators.brainpop.com/
  19. 19. Hello! I am Elizabeth H. Eastman! Find & contact me on… Twitter Pinterest Google+ Slideshare Blog MIMS Maker Studio LinkedI n