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Internship Program

IQPC Internship – Business Development

An internship program touching on marketing, sales, and production that will develop your online understanding and knowledge in a B2B environment.

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Internship Program

  1. 1. IQPC Internship – Business Development The role is a highly varied role touching in marketing, sales, and production that will develop your online understanding and knowledge in a B2B environment in the Operational Excellence field. An interest/basic understanding of business and Social media is key. Candidates with a BA/BSc. with a minimum 2:1 qualification will be considered Candidates must be able to demonstrate commercial experience, e.g. has held a position in a company during university holidays/has been involved in some sort of fundraising in the past. Internship period 3 – 6 months – a review will be conducted after 4 weeks to discuss progress Direct report To Director and other team members of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ Initial responsibilities and tasks include (but are not limited to) Marketing • Social Media Optimization (SMO): Driving online discussion/ Seeding articles/ adding friends / following relevant people/ Highlighting influencers and looking for new social networks/ distribution of online press releases and online event listings. • Working on industry exposure project: Researching various exposure points (online) for our webinars, whitepapers and other non-traditional content • Link baiting project: Finding new sources to swap / host our links. Sponsorship • Completing the Delegate Fact Sheet Project: Connecting with every event attendee for our flagship event to gather crucial information from them about their current work that will help us to shape the event Production & Editorial • Speaker and Contributor Liaison: Working with our publication editor and conference producers to gather extra information from speakers and where appropriate update speakers with critical event developments In addition to the above special projects would be introduced on a needs basis. This highly varied role is best suited to somebody looking to further their career in any of the above fields. Candidates must be resourceful, enthusiastic and willing to become a key team player. To apply, email CV to Vanessa.Lovatt@iqpc.co.uk Effa.Emelia@iqpc.co.uk