The Revenue Engine Webinar

22. Nov 2017

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The Revenue Engine Webinar

  1. The Revenue Engine A Pathway for Technology Firms
  2. Your presenter Abhi Banerjee SVPDigitalMarketing Solutions • Passionate marketing tech and big data native – strategist and orchestrator • 19 years of global marketing and biz dev experience • Helmed digital strategy projects for brands like 3M, XL Catlin, RR Donnelley, Aviva • Power user of martech platforms including Sitecore, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Watson Campaign Automation • Core marketer in growth of Zycus from a startup to a $200+ M, #2 eSourcing software company in the world • Currently authoring ‘the science in the art’ on data driven marketing
  3. IN TODAY’S SESSION… It’s all about revenue Getting started – baby steps & a roadmap for Tech Firms The Revenue Engine Revenue and demand gen – not a golden handshake
  4. Revenue – Most Important Metric
  5. Revenue – Most Important Metric
  6. Demand Gen must drive Revenue. 74% of companies that weren't exceeding revenue goals did not know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunities. Hubspot 80% of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective. BrightTalk 80% 92% marketers list qualified leads as their top goal. But only 15% of organizations are measuring against this goal. TrueInfluence B2B Demand Gen Trends Survey 2017 6
  7. Be Relevant or Lose Customers There is no middle ground. 70% of business buyers says it’s absolutely critical for companies to provide a personalized experience. 74% of business buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. 75% of B2B buyers would purchase again from suppliers that offered omni-channel capabilities.
  8. The Reasons CX and thus Demand Gen Fail No Executive Buy In Customers expect to be engaged in real time, and on a personal level. This is now the baseline. No Cross Channel Strategy Lack of a demand generation strategy across the customer journey. No Personalization B2B buyers, after experiencing efficient digital purchasing with popular retailers, expect the same experience at work. B2B is not immune from CX.
  9. CX Fail Outcomes The Big Three.
  10. CX + Demand Gen don’t equate to Revenue Reality. No golden handshakes.
  11. What ails Demand Gen and...Revenue Isolated systems. Lack of Single View of the Customer . Missing cross channel demand gen and CX strategy. 11 No personalization….no relevance. Limited Executive buy-in.
  12. Your data lives in siloes You can’t measure. You can’t report. No Single View of the Customer
  13. Customer Journey Emails driving traffic to Specific landing pages Promotional emails/offers/ invite for webcasts based on website visit Send relevant alerts and thought leadership material on different channels Engaged with sales team Unknown visitor Clicks and reads content SignupforWebcast Nurture with relevant information Top Funnel lead generation Profile of Visitor based on digital foot print on the website Utilize context to target 1:1 Known Visitor MQL Lead score>threshold, lead is transitioned from marketing to sales team) Search, Social, Marketing automation (Survey), content marketing Email and webcast invite Data to CRM Arrives on website Retargeting Single actionable profile is created for the lead. lead score is updated) Profile created (lead score is assigned) Single actionable profile updated (lead score reaches threshold Single actionable profile updated (lead score updated) Lead score 30, Data updated in CRM Lead score 50, data updated in CRM Lead score 70, Data updated in CRM Lead score 100, Data updated in CRM Known visitor Data to CRM
  14. Poor quality sales leads Poor customer insight. Poor CX. Poor revenue outcomes.
  15. BROKENRECORDS (ChiefMarketerSurvey,B2B) 15
  16. Source: Harvard Business Review The better you understand your customer and prospect base, the more you build experiences and services they crave, the lower your Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Service Cost should be.
  17. Source: Scott Brinker – One of the single most important imperatives for every marketing operations team is to fight against data fragmentation and find ways to unite the whole marketing stack at the data layer.
  18. Some get it. 1.9 Billion added to pipeline. In cost savings.1.3M Marketing operationalized internationally. 18
  19. Some don’t. Global killer brand. Years in business.128 Owned the digital photography patent. 19
  20. Big data means you can’t see the wood, for the trees
  21. THEREVENUEENGINE 21 A maturity model An integrated CX platform First steps to Single View of the Customer Customer insights Cross channel demand gen orchestration CMS Inbound Website Optimization for Increased Leads. Improved conversion from personalization. Marketing Automation Nurture for Higher Quality Leads. Personalized flows based on web conversions. CRM Deliver Real MQLs to Sales. Centralization of Customer Insight. Success Metrics.
  22. #SitecoreSYM Flying Blind Quick Business Wins 1:1 Marketing Revenue Engine Maturity Model Engagement Analytics Easy Personalization Real Time Profiling AB Testing CMS Updates Traffic Analytics Spray and Pray using MAP Ad Hoc Social Landing Pages CRM MAP CMS Core Contact DataCustomer Engagement/Behavior Funnel Stage and Lead Score
  23. 23 MAP is your pitcher. CMS catches and converts. CRM keeps score.
  24. COLD LEAD WARM LEAD HOT LEAD Read Testimonial Download Whitepaper Access Gated Content Subscribe Newsletter Quote Calculator Top of Funnel Nurture Middle of Funnel Bottom of Funnel Watching Brief Influence MQL MAP CMS CRM Contact Sales DRIVE LEADS CONVERT LEADS MANAGE LEADS Connector Connector
  25. Objectives Source new, unknown prospects & convert to known leads that can be nurtured. Qualify Leads to MQL & accelerate purchase decisions with relevant engagement. Sales Lead Qualification and Deal Closing, Followed by Customer Onboarding Strategy and Tactics AdWords/Banner advertising Personalized website journeys Gated content and web forms Social media marketing Blogging Outbound channel marketing Lead Scoring Triggered Outbound Campaigns Event management (webinars, tradeshows, etc.) Generate SAL & sales insight Campaign conversion Single view of customer Upsell and Cross Sell campaigns NPS and CSAT surveys Advocacy, Loyalty and Retention Data Anonymous clickstream Sitecore profiling First and third party cookies CMS personalization Known profile & digital footprint Lead score & Qualified Response Campaign insights Account level data Purchase History Loyalty Profile Customer Satisfaction Survey data Technology CMS CMS & MAP CMS, MAP & CRM Middle of Funnel Warm Lead Top of Funnel Cold Lead Bottom of Funnel Hot Lead CMS CRM MAP
  26. Your most important channels – working in symphony.
  27. Top of Funnel Awareness Search Ad Comparison Site Social Campaign Microsite Home Page Top of Funnel Interest Product Pages Blogs YouTube Middle of Funnel Decision Gated Content Testimonials Quote Tool CRM Known Contact Bottom of Funnel Decision Bottom of Funnel Loyalty Web Offer Sales Call Email Offer Bundle Offer Print Welcome Pack Mobile App Monthly Email Cross Sell Purchase Team Digital Channels Low Engagement Unknown Captured IP Address Company ID Lead Score/AMB Low Engagement Profiling Personalization Known Contact Lead Score/AMB Medium Engagement Marketing Automation Cross Channel Customer Cross Sell High Engagement Marketing Automation Personalization Customer Cross Sell High Engagement Marketing Automation Personalization COLD LEAD WARM LEAD HOT LEAD
  28. Getting started…
  29. WHERE AND HOW – a step at a time 29 • The Revenue Audit • The Revenue Workshop • Establishing marketing-sales alignment • Defining quick outcomes/wins • Move up the maturity model based on a roadmap
  30. MQL SAL SQL Win/Loss/ ND Marketing Qualified Lead Sales Accepted Lead Sales Qualified Lead LEAD A//unknown prospect Raw Lead Source: SiriusDecisions Parameter Check Website visit +1 Website download +1 Email open +1 Email click through +1 Twitter follower +1 LinkedIn Shared group member +1 Company revenue, location +2
  31. 32
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  1. Finally, we can take the mapped campaigns and determine what each technology in our integrated platform will be doing to support each stage and it’s respective campaigns.
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