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MEVIA BOX for Cable Operators, Hotels, OTT, and Businesses

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MEVIA APP and Platform for Operators, Hotels, OTT, and Businesses

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MEVIA BOX for Cable Operators, Hotels, OTT, and Businesses

  1. 1. Entertainment for Cable Operators, Businesses, Hotels, and Over-the-Top
  2. 2. Introducing MEVIA, an exciting addition to the Cable TV industry. Through innovation, Mevia makes it possible to obtain the highest-quality entertainment and most efficient way EGLACommunications 751 Park of Commerce Dr.,Suite 128 Boca Raton, FL33487 sales@eglacorp.com www.eglacomm.net 1-561-306-4996
  3. 3. Mevia BoxSupports Entertainment in your Mobile Mevia Box acts as an onboardserver providing unlimited and reliable access to high qualityentertainment and its own exclusive private network.
  4. 4. Customize YourOwn PersonalPortal Our platform provides you with your own customizable portal for uploading audio and video content. This personalized storage acts as a private cloud, which is accessible by your yacht’s captain, crew, or guests when specified. Upload your own content (music, greetings, videos, or other entertainment/information content you may have) to give your trip a customizable and uniquely different experience every time. Mevia lets you bring your contentonboard.
  5. 5. TailoredEntertainment Bundles MEVIAoffers a diverse and expansive library of entertainment channels to choose from.About 100 stations of new music are added to your system every month through MEVIAtokeep you up-to-date with the hottest hits across all genres. Browse throughour video library and select up to 25 channels to be pre-loaded onto your MEVIABox before your voyage. This ensures every trip has the highest quality content available even when offline. These à-la-carte bundlesgive you the utmost control over the entertainment offered toyour guests onboard.
  6. 6. MEVIA Streams Content Anywhere Onboard Mevia Casting gives you the control. Youcan customize any spaceonboard to your personal preferences. Hotel Rooms, decks, or lounges could all be displaying different entertainment content to best fit the mood and enhance any experience. With you in control, you can play what you want, when and where you wantit.
  7. 7. SafetySystem Option Mevia Safety provides all onboardthe quickest way to call for assistance in an emergency situation. Alerts willbe available for the yacht when docked, where the safety zone coverage extends up to seven miles away. When pressed our Mevia Bluetooth-powered panic buttonswill send an emergency message with your GPScoordinates to yoursecurity personnel and/or first responders alerting them of an emergency situation. Whether off on a guided excursion or simply exploring alone, safety is ensured for guests both on and off theyacht.
  8. 8. PersonalizedAds and Custom Interfaces The Mevia platform allowscaptains, crewmembers or owners to upload pre-recorded content throughout trips. Content caninclude: Welcoming Messages CustomAds Training Information Messages and Updates WeatherAlerts AndMore… This personalized audio and video content from the boat’s administrators can be pushed to the multicast devices around the yachtat anytime.
  9. 9. With Mevia, your world expandsbeyondyour yacht with customizable entertainment.