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BU PRSSA: What is Advertising

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Brief talk (to be given) to BU PRSSA, January 21, 2016

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BU PRSSA: What is Advertising

  1. What the heck is advertising? Edward Boches Talk to BU PRSSA January 21, 2016
  2. Big budget, celebrity filled Super Bowl ads
  3. Clever commercials that pay for TV time and try to buy your attention.
  4. Social media content that earns attention and delivers utility.
  5. Conceptual content and story ideas designed to migrate across the web.
  6. Hacking ordinary locations to turn them into media.
  7. Digital experiences that invite participation.
  8. Ideas that do + invite + document + share > to start cultural conversations.
  9. Innovative applications of new technology.
  10. Advertising is anything (message, branded content, experience, event, app, utility, or platform) that gets attention for a brand or product, overcomes indifference, and makes you care.
  11. brand features/benefits creative paid media consumers company reputation serious earned media influencers
  12. social media creative content paid, earned, owned