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NC CC Leg Priorities

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NC CC Leg Priorities

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NC CC Leg Priorities

  1. 1. Attachment LEG 01 STATE BOARD OF COMMUNITY COLLEGES Review of 2019-2021 Biennium Legislative Requests (Does not include COVID Appropriations) SBCC 10/16/2020 PRIORITY FUNDING Short-Term Workforce Parity Funding. Achieve full funding parity with traditional academic programs. $12,051,477 R Workforce Development Focused IT. Upgrade IT system serving all 58 community colleges and exempt System Office IT staff from transfer to the Dept. of Information Technology. $10,500,000 NR 2019-20 $8,500,000 NR 2020-21 Expand Career Coach Program & Eliminate/Reduce Matching Requirement. Expand program embedding career coaches in high schools to help students determine career goals and identify community college programs that align with those goals. Also, eliminate or reduce local match requirements for colleges in economically distressed counties. $1,733,413 R 2019-20 $2,300,000 R 2020-21 Residency Determination Services (RDS) Reform & Funding. Simplify online residency determination process and fund costs for use of the RDS system. $2,285,757 R Multi-Campus Funding. Fully fund multi-campus facilities at: Forsyth Tech, Guilford Tech, Richmond CC, and Wake Tech. $2,266,348 R Stabilize Budgets at Hurricane Florence Impacted Campuses. Funding to assist colleges that experienced enrollment declines due to the impacts of Hurricane Florence. $6,400,000 NR Fully Fund Enrollment Growth for 2020-2021 Fiscal Year. Fund first significant enrollment growth in almost a decade, especially in short-term workforce training courses. $41,500,000 NR 2020-21 in federal COVID funds Online Cybersecurity Training for College Employees. $250,000 NR funded with federal COVID funds PRIORITY REQUESTED/NOT FUNDED 5% Salary Increases for Community College Employees. Begin working towards increasing faculty and staff salaries. $62,000,000 R IT Operation & Maintenance Funding. Funding for IT O&M for projects funded in 2019. $4,000,000 R Regional IT Security Officers. Funds for eight regionally-based System Office IT security officers to work directly with colleges. $1,200,000 R IT Security Assessments for Colleges. Funds to assess and make recommendations for IT security improvements at colleges. $2,000,000 NR Capital & Equipment Funding. Bond or State Capital Infrastructure Appropriation Financial Aid for Workforce Training. (Note: The Governor allocated $15,000,000 for this purpose from the federal COVID/Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund.) $5,000,000 from Education Lottery Fund or other non- General Fund source