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Blogfolios: Reflective Teacher Practice

As part of post-planning at our school, teachers used the student blogfolios as a prompt for our own reflective practice.

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Blogfolios: Reflective Teacher Practice

  1. 1. Who owns the learning?
  2. 2. Mistakes M  
  3. 3. •  How can reflecting on student work help you plan for the coming year? •  What can you learn about yourself as a teacher? •  How can it help you grow in accordance with our school’s learning target? Look at the blogfolios of your current students
  4. 4. How can you use the blogfolios to begin learning about and connecting with your new students prior to the first day of school? Look at the blogfolios of your incoming students
  5. 5. •  What ideas can you get from seeing the work of other students and teachers? Look at a sample of blogfolios from different grades.
  6. 6. Mar$n  J.  Go+lieb  Day  School  Guidelines   •  It  is  not  permi,ed  to  publish  any  media  with  your  child’s  last  name,  telephone   number,  or  address;   •  Online  media  may  include  only  the  first  name  and  first  le,er  of  the  student's   last  name;   •  It  is  not  permi,ed  that  any  media  include  any  informa=on  that  indicates  the   loca=on  of  a  student  at  an  exact  hour,  other  than  their  a,endance  in  school  or   par=cipa=on  in  a  past  school  ac=vity;   •  Media  must  conform  to  the  policies  and  procedure  of  the  Mar=n  J.  Go,lieb  Day   School;   •  Media  must  be  reviewed  and  approved  by  a  sponsoring  teacher  before  its   publica=on;   •  Published  media  will  use  appropriate  language,  spelling,  and  grammar   according  to  developmentally  and  age  appropriate  levels.   •  All  published  media  will  follow  copyright  laws  and  permission.