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Más de EDINA, University of Edinburgh(20)


Geospatial Tech in Teaching

  1. Geospatial tech in teaching A National Data Centre Based at Supported by http:// /?module=map&center=-3.18,55.935&zoom=17&width=400&height=400type=cycle
  2. What? EDINA seeks to enhance the productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness of research and education in the UK and beyond. EDINA innovates, generating knowledge, expertise and trust, through a focus on ease and continuity of access to scholarly resources and tools. Preserve Enhance Support Innovate Community Continuity Research Expertise Infrastructure
  3. Need maps? Images of front pages here……
  4. Annotate maps Images of front pages here…… Annotate maps to guide visitors to events
  5. Use of Digimap Images of front pages here…… Digimap ROAM Screen maps Breakdown of Digimap services by discipline
  6. CMOS  AR
  7. CMOS  Virtual Reality
  8. CMOS  AR
  9. Addressing History Images of front pages here…… App to explore the historic postal gazetteers of Edinburgh. Still in development
  10. Open Data & Open Source Software at EDINA Addy Pope Email: [email_address] Twitter: @go_geo EDINA website: