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Let's seize the opportunity

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Presentation of Blaženka Divjak for EDEN's Education in time of pandemic webinar series on 'Online transformation of universities – having faced the challenges of the pandemic, are they prepared for the new normal?' - 14 Sept 2020, 17:00 CEST
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Let's seize the opportunity

  1. 1. Let's seize the opportunity Prof.dr.sc. Blaženka Divjak University of Zagreb Faculty of organization and informatics
  2. 2. Learning by doing and problem solving • COVID-19 pandemic challenged education systems around the world • A lot of improvisations, delayed responses, sometimes even chaotic behavior • But also showing the strength of education systems, innovation capability of teachers, resilience of students, support of parents (schools) • A massive evidence of rapid digital transformation of higher education institutions • Introduction of new methods of teaching and learning (TL) and assessment methods • Students develop new skills (problem solving, metacognitive skills), pushed to be independent learners, researchers and decision makers
  3. 3. Let us embrace new TL methods • Opportunities to rethink TL practice (again) • Pose and solve problem – Show students that we know how to do it • Find innovative solutions – Out of the box • Flipped classroom – Enables different types of interactions even in online enviroment – Engage students – Independent learners, researchers – Yes, there are more work for teaches, but it’s worth it TL quality indicators Learning outcomes interaction student- material student- student student - teacher Satisfaction & motivation
  4. 4. Let us develop new approach to assessments methods • Which is essential for all students to know or be able to do? – Intended learning outcomes • Relevant, Essential, Authentic, Deep approach to learning READ should be covered – Invariant to media • More implicit knowledge • Formative assessment • Peer and self assessment – metacognitive skills • Prevent cheating Complex READ task Less control, more fun, more time spend on preparation Routine task More control needed
  5. 5. Digital transformation of higher education • Seizing the opportunity for complete makeover – Situation analysis, analysis of last semseter • Opportunity for new players – emerging universities for the future – the cards are shuffled again • Acceptance of grassroots initiatives, experimentations, co-creation • Hybrid learning as a new normal – integrated f2f and online learning - the best from both worlds – Hybrid university campuses – Better accessibility and equity •