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Learning Passport as Credit Supplement to be used

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Presentation by Dénes Zarka (Director at BME-MTI) at the MicroHE Expert Panel Workshop, 10 June 2020
More info: https://www.eden-online.org/microhe-expert-panel-workshop/

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Learning Passport as Credit Supplement to be used

  1. 1. Learning Passport as Credit Supplement to be used MircroHE Expert Panel Workshop 10. June 2020. Based on OEPass Learning Passport (IO led by KIC Malta, Ildiko Mazar, Anthony Camillieri) Dénes Zarka director
  2. 2. Supplement… • Diploma or Credit? What is the difference? • What is the similarity? – Breaking down a larger entity: Diploma to Subjects and learning outcomes, Credit to detailed learning outcomes and further to learning experience – Contextualising the standardised course offer to the actually collected achievements. • This presentation will explore the differences
  3. 3. Examples of non-formal credentials Non- Qualification Credentials NANO- DEGREES MICRO- MASTERS CERTIFICA TES ENDORSEMEN TS LICENSES BADGES
  4. 4. The OEPass mission Create a digital standard format for documenting open education credentials based on ECTS https://oepass.eu
  5. 5. The Learning Passport Comprehensive documentation of learning experiences in terms of: •Awarding body •Credential awarded •Holder of credential •Evidence of achievement
  6. 6. Awarding Body • Full name • Public key • Address • Digital stamp/seal • Accredtiation of the institution • Website/ URL
  7. 7.  User-friendly online form  Standardised documentation template  Using controlled vocabulary (over free text)  Growing list of shared Learning Passports The OEPass Learning Passport
  8. 8. Information identifying the educational credential I. • Official title • Identifier • Short description • Learning outcome description • Credential type (BA, MA, Phd, ECTS, ECVET, other) • Subject
  9. 9. Information identifying the educational credential II. • Ways to acquire (formal, non-formal, informal) • Grading scheme • Mode of study (on-line, face to face…) • Unit of workload (hour, week, year) • Assessment method: on-site, on-line ID on-line, other • Level of learning (NQF, EQF) • Number of credit points • Accredtitation • Home page • Stackability
  10. 10. Information identifying the holder of the educational credential and their accomplishment • Family name • Given name • Date of birth • Student ID, code or other • Date of award • Expiry • Credit awarded • Supplementary evidence
  11. 11. Supplementary evidence • Link to individual credential evidence • Link to evidences – A – B – C Example for this passport: https://oepass.eu/practical-management- of-constructor-risks-in-the-construction- industry/
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention zarka@mti.bme.hu www.mti.bme.hu