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Linked In For Selling And Consulting An E Book

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Linked In For Selling And Consulting An E Book

  1. 1. LinkedIn ® for Selling and Consulting Created by: Contained herein: A review, the table of contents, and a link to a site to purchase and download the eBook Edward C. Callahan, Jr. Helping Entrepreneurial Business Owners Get More of What They Want From Their Businesses By Helping Them Implement www.eosprocess.com [email_address] www.linkedin.com/in/edcallahansprofile Blog: www.edcallahan.info West Chester, PA
  2. 2. Why LinkedIn for Selling? Excerpted: What if there was a way for you to do a simple search of the networks of all your trusted business colleagues and determine who could help, before you begin a sales campaign? How good would that be? Yes, LinkedIn is that answer. A voluntarily provided collection of business executives around the world is available to you via your keyboard or your Internet enabled cell phone. LinkedIn is a way for you to be referred into an account rather than have to cold call them. With a relatively modest investment of your time and energy, you can enable LinkedIn to be a framework for you to manage your relationships and leverage all the good will and trust you have built so painstakingly over all these years. I am not suggesting that you substitute electronic networking for the physical networking you are already doing. I am saying that electronic networking can enhance and extend your reach and increase the probability that when an opportunity arises in someone’s mind she will think of you as the provider of whatever information she needs right now. Think of it as brand awareness, - digital brand awareness of you and your products or services. Every sales person’s job is more difficult when she is selling something about which the target market knows nothing. The same applies to us as salespeople and consultants.
  3. 3. A Review “ Ed Callahan's E-Book entitled "LinkedIn® for Selling and Consulting" is a terrific resource. If you need answers to questions and special insight on maximizing LinkedIn then you need this book. As I read Ed's book, I made numerous LinkedIn profile improvements in real time (a big benefit of an e-book). The Advanced Search features section in this book is dynamite - easily explained and well illustrated. This book is a required resource for LinkedIn users looking to move up to the next level and beyond.” July 1, 2009 Steve Coscia - Customer Service Expert http://www.linkedin.com/in/coscia
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  8. 8. Where can you download this book? "LinkedIn® for Selling and Consulting" can be downloaded immediately in exchange for a charitable donation. Use this link: http://www.edcallahan.info/?page_id=10 to obtain your copy of "LinkedIn® for Selling and Consulting".