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201130 west pond reduced

  1. West Pond Living Shoreline & Restoration Project– Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge • Jamaica Bay – Rockaway Parks Conservancy • National Park Service Design Team: • Dirtworks Landscape Architecture, PC • Great Ecology • Rippled Waters Engineering
  2. West Pond Breach Area (October 2012)
  3. Project Site and Plan: West Pond Living Shoreline & Restoration Project
  4. Site Photographs Breach area, Facing West Existing outfall, Facing South
  5. Site Photographs Fragmented low marsh (Spartina alterniflora) west of the breach area, Facing East Patch of low marsh (S. alterniflora) west of the breach area at Terrapin Point, Facing West
  6. Site Photographs East of the breach area, Facing South Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) nesting west of the breach area, Facing North
  7. Project Site
  8. Volunteer Planting and Restoration Partnership with Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers & American Littoral Society Sunset Cove Volunteer and Jamaica Bay R-Corps Restoration Project Example (left); Coir Log Example at Bayswater Point State Park (right)
  9. Billion Oyster Project Partnership Hard clam, oyster shell (1 yr UV sterilized) in coir rock bag – no aquiculture or oyster restoration to take place
  10. Project Fast Facts • 2400 linear feet of shoreline • ~40,000 cubic yards of soil/sand • Reconstruction of a historic outfall to the north of the breach area (minimal planting added) • 195,000 native plants over an 8-acre site • Low and High Marsh Plantings • 195,043 plugs and 1,663 1 gal. plants for a total of 196,706 plants. (volunteer and contracted) • Breakwater features ~4,900 bags of clean shell • Erosion Control Measures • 6 sets of tree veins • (9) 20”w and (6) 12”w coir log grouping • Estimated cost: $3.5 million • Joint NYS DEC/USACE Permit • Nationwide 27 Permit (USACE) NAN-2020-01099-WRY • NYS DEC Tidal Wetlands Permit Application ID: 2-6308-00602/00016 • SHPO Approval • NMFS/NOAA Consultation • Anticipated construction start: Winter/Spring 2021 Permit & Timeline