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[Grocery&Drinks] Alimentação saudável e personalizada

Henrique Dorizzotto Castellani, Co-Founder e COO da Liv UpAlimentação saudável e personalizada.

Saiba mais em https://eventos.ecommercebrasil.com.br/congresso-grocery/

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[Grocery&Drinks] Alimentação saudável e personalizada

  1. 1. Grocery & Drinks October 2020
  2. 2. We believe people want to live better, eat better and strengthen their relationship with the community. Liv Up is a lifestyle brand reconnecting modern customers with real food.
  3. 3. NPS +75 +600K followers LIV UP A lifestyle brand 4.6/5.0 rating 4.9/5.0 rating 100 top of mind brands Brazil – May-20 CUSTOMER INTIMACY Digital native Strong engagement Co-creation and fast feedback-loop URBAN LIFESTYLE Living better Fast, simple and customized purchasing experience Easy to consume SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Small-hold farmers Fair trade Environmentally responsible Supporting social causes REAL FOOD All Natural Healthy & delicious food Organic ingredientes Clean label
  4. 4. CORE: REAL FOOD TARGET PENETRATION CLOUD KITCHEN MEALS BABY / KIDS PLATED READY TO WARM DESSERTS NEW TARGETS, MOMENTS INDIVIDUAL, PLANNED, DIGITAL PORTFOLIO We started solving a big problem for a specific need, and we are launching new solutions to address new targets and occasions
  5. 5. END-TO-END PROPRIETARY TECH PLATFORM LOGISTICS ENGINE • Automated multi-modals routing and dispatching delivery system • Efficient tailor-built Picking & Packing and WMS • Automated inventory distribution algorithm CUSTOMER PLATFORM Mobile offering a personalized, high-touch high-tech experience UNIFIED DATA PLATFORM All our operations and customer data tied together on a single, clear Data Platform, empowering company-wide algorithms & self-service data visualization. KITCHEN ENGINE • Efficient tailor-built Kitchen Display Systems • Data-driven recipes creation tool • Traceability from ingredients data, to supplier life story, to recipe used
  6. 6. GROCERIES: ENHANCING PORTFOLIO TO AMAZE A BROADER AUDIENCE Expanding addressable market by fulfilling complementary needs and increasing frequency
  7. 7. HOW TO BE MORE PRESENT IN THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY… Grocery and Restaurant O2O Customization -Goods -Delivery -Moments of consumption -Everything =]
  8. 8. Henrique Dorizzotto Castellani henrique@livup.com.br