cad and devices communications and networks microelectronic technologies applied electromagnetics photonics power and energy systems vlsi artificial intelligence and artificial life nano devices and rf microwave software engineering and real-time systems hardware formal verification integrated circuits and embedded systems signal processing and new media intelligent systems and robotics control nano devices and rf • power and energy systems • s vlsi • microwave intelligent systems and robotics • integrated circ machine learning • communications and networks • control dfig wecs intelligent systems real-time systems html tag priority web page cleaning informative block noise pemfc frequency stability control intelligent systems and robotics hysteresis band ehc load balancing genetic algorithm photocatalysis hybrid hydrogel cost energy interruption wave parameters gravitation and electromagnetic fi fundamental physical constants mc-spwm p&o mppt algorithm mli histogram equalization colour enhancement entropy fuel composition matlab. system temperature oxidant composition multilevel inverter cascaded h-bridge multicarrier (pwm) topologies. neutral point clamped multilevel converter pwm cascade h bridge power gating reversible logics mux gate sleep transistors reversible programmable logic array tina- pro feynman gate solar panels renewable energy dc-dc boost converter solar system continuous conduction mode (ccm). ieee-9 bus test system transient stability. load flow study extended equal area criterion (eeac) etap critical clearing time (cct) load shedding web services smart home soap interoperability information technology infrastructure library (iti bacilli bacteria identification cocci vibrio transmission cost allocation transmission loss cost allocation mw-mile method mloldf mlodf lodf transmission pricing. incremental fuel cost of generators hydrothermal scheduling genetic algorithms optimal scheduling artificial intelligence nano devices robotics power and energy systems signal processing and new integrated circuits and embedded systems microelec microwave nano devices and rf microelectronic technologies devices cad and vlsi software engineering power and energy computer electronics engineering energy conservation residential consumer power outages nano devices and rf • power and energy systems • s vlsi • microwave intelligent systems and robotics • integrated circ communications and networks • control pva tio2 nano devices and rf • non conventional energy reso devices and cad • microwave intelligent systems and robotics • digital signal • advanced power system and control system • analo • bio-chemical engineering • bio-chemistry • bio-i • control • communications and networks bot boost converter phev mppt photovoltaic panels ibc artificial bee colony (abc). particle swarm optimization (pso) ant colony optimization (aco) genetic algorithm (ga) swarm intelligence algorithms travelling salesman problem (tsp) simulated annealing. artificial bee colony scheduling soft real-time tasks multiprocessor systems ycbcr color model. hsv color model visual feature extraction viseme extraction lip localization gm/id methodology cmos amplifier folded cascode weak inversion flicker noise oops object class automated testing contrast. compensation technique. voltage sag power quality power system dvr photovoltaic. solar irradiance i-v and p-v characteristics two diode single diode cloud computing. charge double layer fpwm pod amli pspice and closed loop forward and reverse charging modes bi-directional dc-dc converter browser browsing behaviour explicit indicators implicit indicators pso. load models indexes multi-objective fitness function optimal sizing and placement of dg delay time ring oscillator cmos summary generation. information retrieval automatic text summarization extractive sentence ranking mis-sequencing. throughput automatic meter reading. grid energy meter gsm expending key strength group communication secret key generation membership functions genfis anfis power transformer fault diagnosis software development lean principles lean manufacturing lean it deadly wastes congestion management. transfer capability fuzzy penalty generation cost network condition optimal power flow naive bayes business-it alignment (bita). control objectives for information and related tec re-engineering small scale transaction gqm approach fully-reconfigurable oadm (froadms) optical transport network (otn) thin-film filters (tffs) congestion control routing algorithm virtualization control admission eps- ims architecture qos provisioning dependability maximum power point tracker (mppt) distributed generation (dg) static var compensation (svc) photovoltaic (pv relays sacrificial anodes electrocoagualtion sensor automation microcontroller transmission reliability margin transmission loss transmission usage modified kirchhoff matrix hysteresis control low voltage ride through doubly fed induction generator crowbar output regulation nonlinear control systems wang-chen-yuan system chaos active control boost converter. e-business www software test metrics v&v contrast naïve bayes
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