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SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark infographic

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An infographic from Metalogix (formerly Axceler) with data from the 2012 SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark.

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SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark infographic

  1. 1. SPS2001 Which SharePoint environments are currently running within your organization? 1.1% SPS2003 8.7% WSS 2.0 MOSS2007 50.9% WSS 3.0 14.0% SP2010 Standard or Enterprise Foundation 2010 I don’t know Multiple Versions of SharePoint Under Management Complicate Change Management 43.8% of respondents have 2 or more versions of SharePoint, while a full 13.9% have three or more. 3.4% 72.1% 9.8% Larger Companies View SharePoint As A Strategic, Enterprise-Wide Platform 12% More Than Their Smaller Peers SP 2010 WSS 3.0 SPS2001 2.3% Standard or Enterprise How does your organization view Microsoft SharePoint? (Pick the one that matches most closely) 36.6% 25.3% 15.1% 14.7% 8.3% Applications platform Even so, a strong majority (67.2%) stated that governance is critical to their deployments. Web Portal Content management system Document repository Complete collaboration framework 0.0% Other While 67.2% feel that SharePoint Governance is extremely or very important – only 26% have a very or extremely well defined Governance strategy. 67 .2% 26% Well-defined Important 37.7% How well is SharePoint governance defined (plans, roles, procedures) within your organization today? 27.2% 22.6% Extremely 9.1% Very 3.4% Extremely Very Neutral Not Very How well are your lines of authority/ decision-making defined? 7.2% 33.8% Neutral Not At All 27.3% Not Very At your organization, Microsoft SharePoint is… 23.0% Not At All 8.6% Response percent How is governance viewed by your organization today? 17% 17.7% 0.4% Not understood 64.9% Small team document sharing tool Strategic, enterprise-wide platform Division-wide collaboration solution Viewed as a one-time checklist Other Extremely 17.0% SPEED LIMIT 17 13.5% Viewed as a necessary activity, but not enthusiastically embraced Very 50.2% How important is SharePoint governance to your organization today? 18.3% Neutral 22.6% SPEED LIMIT 50 Not Very 9.1% Not At All 1.1% Viewed enthusiastically, mostly understood SPEED LIMIT SPEED LIMIT 1 SPEED LIMIT 22 9 40.8% 17.2% Viewed as a critical component of daily/weekly SharePoint management 10.1% Only 30% of all companies align their governance plans with an end user adoption strategy well or extremely well. ~3X Those using 3rd party tools are almost 3x as likely as those without tools to run regular audits. 30% En dU se r Strategy What are your top challenges governing SharePoint? (please select all that apply) tion op Ad Gove rnan ce Audits Response Percent Visibility across your farm(s) 21.5% Managing Security / Permissions 60.8% Managing site settings / properties 33.6% Not enough time to manage it 43.8% SharePoint analysis / reporting Moving to the latest version (migration) 33.6% Managing content and storage 51.3% Managing SharePoint groups 33.6% Working with distributed site administrators 34.0% Moving / Copying sites around the farm 21.9% ULTRA Companies using 3rd party tools are more than twice as likely as those not using management tools to have a written plan. How do you view your role as it pertains to planning your organization's governance strategies in relation to SharePoint? Primary accountability, governance champion Aware of governance activities, provide input Not accountable for governance planning DETOUR 39.2% GAS Those with 3rd party tools are most likely to have documented plans at 53%. 2X+ 54.7% 21.6% 5.8% Tools Drive Governance Enforcement & Strategy Execution — How far along is your organization in your SharePoint governance efforts? Only 29.6% of those not using a tool have an operational change manager model in place vs. 69.7% for those who use 3rd party tool, and 55.6% who use PowerShell. Not even started Just starting to plan Planning almost complete Plan complete and starting implementation Plan and implementation complete, optimizing now 10.2% 41.1% 16.6% 17.4% 14.7% 69.7% 55.6% Do you have an operational change management model in place? 29.6% Not Using Tool Using 3rd Party Tool Using PowerShell Collaboration Tools Disconnected from Business Goals SharePoint Governance Maturity Benchmark Finds Organizations Embracing Collaboration, but Deploying with Minimal Governance © Copyright 2013 Axceler www.axceler.com