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Words that kill your sales pitch

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There are buzzwords that grab interest and help you close your deals but for every one of these there are words that kill your sales pitch. Here is our list of the words you need to eliminate from your sales pitch!

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Words that kill your sales pitch

  1. 1. www.ebsta.com @ebstahq linkedin.com/company/ebsta WORDS THAT KILL YOUR SALES PITCH WORDS THAT KILL YOUR SALES PITCH
  2. 2.     LIKE Like is not a connective! Know what you’re selling, make it unique. If you can’t differentiate, the product won’t sell.
  3. 3.     HONESTLY    Is it really necessary to say you’re being honest? It ruins all of your hard work and makes you sound guilty. Steer clear of saying ‘honestly’, by being honest!
  4. 4. GUARANTEE    It has no value. It means nothing to your prospects. How often have you been ‘guaranteed’ something that’s not met expectation.
  5. 5.         SERIOUSLY Have you not been serious up till this point?
  6. 6.         Innovation isn’t a label it’s a way of thinking. If you really are innovative, the prospect will know, telling them won’t make a difference. INNOVATIVE
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITY    Decision makers don’t deal in opportunities. Much like a guarantee it’s just a chance, make your offer definitive.
  8. 8.         STRIKE 3, YOU’RRRRRRE OUT! Perfect your pitch to catch your sales targets. Eliminate these words and close deals faster
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