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eCommerce for Everyone: What to Expect in 2017 - State of Search

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eCommerce for Everyone: What to Expect in 2017 - State of Search

  1. 1. State of Search What to Expect: eCommerce 2017 Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo Image:
  2. 2. @ebkendo • Senior Director, e-Commerce Growth Services • Seattle, WA • 10 years in the search industry • PPC, Social, SEO, Analytics, Content • Speaker: SMX Adv/East/West, Mozcon, • Author: Lynda.com, All in One Web Marketing for Dummies • And… @ebkendo
  3. 3. Proud parent of a Toadler
  5. 5. Supply Solutions Increase product offering and grow revenue through “virtual inventory” Integrate with any trading partner or order fulfillment source Maintain branding and complete control over fulfillment process Demand Solutions Profitably acquire new customers through search, social and marketplace channels Push product catalog to channels where consumers seek new products Manage and optimize digital advertising spend across channels Delivery Solutions Optimize consumer shipping through real-time decisions on cost-effective delivery methods that meet the consumer’s delivery date Extend the reach of rapid delivery programs by geographically distributing inventory to partner 3PLs Image: CommerceHub
  6. 6. Yahoo Image:
  7. 7. Verizon Dynamic Product Ads (Native) Native (Display, Retargeting) Search (Text Ads)Polyvore Brightroll Flurry Analytics Text Ads • Search Partners • Yahoo • Ask Product Listing Ads • Search Partners •Yahoo •Polyvore Display Ads Text Ads •Search Partners •Yahoo •AOL • adMarketplace • Syndicated Search Partners Product Ads •Search Partners •Yahoo •Search Partner •Yahoo Image: CommerceHub
  8. 8. Polyvore: Owned by Yahoo Image: CommerceHub And for part of 2015, was powering all of the Yahoo Shopping ads when it came to apparel.
  9. 9. Shop The Look: New Ad Format Powered By Google Shopping • Apparel and home décor • Broad queries trigger • Shop those exact, or visually similar, products featured in the image • Sourced from trusted partners such as LIKEtoKNOW.it, Polyvore, and Curalate • Opted in based on Google Shopping participation Image Source: http://searchengineland.com/google-shop-the-look-mobile-ads-apparel-home-products-258213
  10. 10. Polyvore: What We Saw @ebkendo Source: CommerceHub data CommerceHub Book of Polyvore Clients • 41% Increase in Clicks YoY • 27% Increase in Sales YoY • 11% Decrease in Cost
  11. 11. Yahoo: Custom Audiences for Search & Search Retargeting Custom Audiences for Search • 225% increase in CTR • 230% increase in CR • 51% reduction in CPA Search Retargeting on Native • 23% conversions from native • 14% lower CPA on native than search (text) ads *Results from comparison between audience targeted vs. non audience targeted traffic Source: Yahoo!
  12. 12. Yahoo Dynamic Product Ads in Pilot • Retargeting method – showing previously viewed products • Uses product catalog feed • Native format • All devices @ebkendo Image: Yahoo!
  13. 13. Bing Ads Image: iStock
  14. 14. Bing Ads Sales – Internal to CommerceHub Source: CommerceHub data
  15. 15. Where’s the Bing Ads Volume Coming From? • Increase in impressions on mobile for Product Ads • AOL partnership (was less than 1% for e-Commerce, now 8%)* • Faster feed processing times than last year • Product Ads now available in Canada *Internal CommerceHub data, January 2016- October 2016
  16. 16. LinkedIn – Welcome to Microsoft @ebkendo • B2B advertising • Lead generation primarily • CPC often higher than you’d like • Recently started leveraging Lynda.com acquisition Image: CommerceHub
  17. 17. Connexity Image: iStock
  18. 18. Expansion of Partnerships • Pricegrabber, Become, Shopzilla, Yahoo, Meredith • Focusing on publisher network • Long term growing sales through social channels Image: Connexity
  19. 19. Connexity: What’s Next • Highly curated editorial content • Engaging with social agencies and influencers • Marketplace connecting retailers and influencers Image: Connexity
  20. 20. eBay & Amazon Image: Pixabay
  21. 21. eBay: In a Relationship with Facebook & Google @ebkendo • Accelerated Mobile Pages • ASIN Pages • Improve SERPs to be static pages, not auctions that have ended • Buying traffic via AdWords to those new category pages • eBay states 80% of products listed are new items, not used • Facebook • Monetizing messaging apps (no one opens emails anymore!) • Create collections for sharing
  22. 22. eBay Commerce Network • Formerly Shopping.com • Sponsored ads on eBay pages http://www.commercehub.com/shopping-com-ebay-commerce-network/
  23. 23. Amazon Product Ads Sunset in Oct. 2015 @ebkendo $90 $95 $100 $105 $110 $115 $120 $125 $130 0% 200% 400% 600% 800% 1000% 1200% 1400% 2015 APA – CommerceHub Clients Average Order Value Return on Ad Spend Source: CommerceHub data
  24. 24. Amazon Sponsored Products: What it Is @ebkendo • Ads that stay on Amazon.com • Surface up products that normally aren’t found or new • Have to win the Buy Box Image: CommerceHub
  25. 25. Amazon Sponsored Products: Like PPC @ebkendo • Keyword based (automatic and manual) • Double dip cost model – CPC and product category % fee with Amazon if the product sells • Very similar to a simple Google AdWords account • Potential to take keywords from Sponsored from search and vice versa – especially when doing dynamic search ads on Google • Using (most often) ACoS/ROAS
  26. 26. Where to Concentrate Image: Pixabay
  27. 27. Data Quality in Feeds @ebkendo • Google Shopping • Manufacturer Center • Merchant Promotions • Local Inventory (in store & pick up) • Product Reviews • Business Data
  28. 28. Google GTIN Requirements What: Google requiring unique product identifiers, especially brands sold by multiple retailers in multiple countries @ebkendo • Ad spend efficiency and user experience improvements • Competition from marketplaces & Facebook • Leaving “ownership” of the customer and the experience to retailers and brands • And…
  29. 29. • Know and store popular product data • The Assortment Report in Merchant Center • Shopping Insights tool • Ability to serve very specific versions of PLAs The New Exact Match Keyword? Image: Google Shopping Insights
  30. 30. How long before Google knows my favorite color is blue and my clothing and shoe sizes? Personalization takes on a new meaning @ebkendo Image: CommerceHub
  31. 31. • Product Cards, Google Shopping, Google Now, Shopping Express • Alternative images can be used • Reported increase conversion rate • Bosch, 4% lift • Will not override PLA product titles • Fill in missing information or clarify like “cordless” or weight Google Manufacturer Center Image: CommerceHub/Source: Think with Google
  32. 32. The Buy Button: a Product Listing Ads enhancement on mobile Purchases on Google https://adwords.googleblog.com/2015/07/winning-shopping-micro-moments.html
  33. 33. • Still running on a % of eligible traffic across Android and iOS • Only certain products (at your control) show the buy button • Learned that everything before the buy button is what leads to it being used or not • Built a huge infrastructure, 150k+ active retailers and 500m products to understand a shopper’s intent • We’re expecting to see upwards of a 5% lift in conversions at CommerceHub Purchases on Google in 2016 Ugg – 50% increase in conversion rates on mobile PLAs with POG and a 25% decrease in cost per conversion. https://adwords.googleblog.com/2016/05/ways-to-be-useful-for-mobile-shoppers.html @ebkendo
  34. 34. Seller Ratings & Product Ratings Images: CommerceHub • Third party or directly send your product ratings to Google • Look out for PLAs with ranking designations (1st 2nd 3rd) • Different experiences for desktop and mobile
  35. 35. Mobile – Purchases on Google/hosted storefront Research – Manufacturer Center, Product Cards In person – In-Store Visits Frictionless and seamless paths to convincing a CFO to consider a different attribution model and marketing budget allocation. Also, Amazon. Continuing Innovations to Connect all the Pieces @ebkendo
  36. 36. What Now Image: iStock
  37. 37. Google Wants You to Spend @ebkendo • Easier to get into betas and be whitelisted (expansion) • Better support (continue to spend) • Better attribution (cross device tracking) "Facebook, I think because it has been so successful, is probably, to be blunt, a little bit more difficult to deal with. I think that's not a view we are alone in having. Others would too if you ask around. My view is that is going to change because they will see the benefit and the merit.“ – Martin Sorrell, WPP CEO http://www.businessinsider.com/wpp-google-spend-5-billion-relationship-better-than-facebook-2016-10
  38. 38. Shift in Spend and Traffic Types in eCommerce @ebkendo • Spend is shifting to PLA from text ads • Non-brand queries tend to be more successful in PLA than text • Mobile devices showing more PLAs per query • Search partners (like Image search) increasing PLA impression share • Online assortment is expanding both in variations and categories • Brands are looking to sell more direct to consumer • Removing the retailer, keeping that margin and owning the customer http://searchengineland.com/google-shopping-ads-so-hot-right-now-the-meteoric-rise-of-plas-248055
  39. 39. Thank You! Go Dawgs! @ebkendo

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  • Through one connection you can connect to 1) demand channels that drive product purchase, 2) all sources of supply to expand your dropship assortment and 3) control and manage the order fulfillment and delivery experience
  • http://www.ebaytechblog.com/2016/06/30/browse-ebay-with-style-and-speed/

  • Shopping Insights tools screenshot
  • Ad spend efficiency and user experience improves
  • Twitter put the brakes on theirs – why?
  • http://www.commercehub.com/spotted-two-new-pla-formats-google/
  • If they can get a model that allows a marketing budget to be uncapped, can you imagine what that would do for Google’s bottom line? In the face of “shrinking” inventory?
  • http://www.businessinsider.com/wpp-google-spend-5-billion-relationship-better-than-facebook-2016-10