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Bangkok | Mar-17 | Sunfarmer Village Health Energy Interaction

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Presenter: Avishek Malla

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Bangkok | Mar-17 | Sunfarmer Village Health Energy Interaction

  1. 1. Health Issues: Experiences of the health-energy interaction at village level Avishek Malla Smart Villages Initiative’s Engagement Programmes in South Asia and Southeast Asia
  2. 2. • SunFarmer Nepal is a social enterprise, a subsidiary of SunFarmer USA (US nonprofit) based in New York. • Mission: To power critical infrastructure in the developing world with affordable and reliable solar energy. • Primarily works in health, education and agriculture.
  3. 3. Nepal
  4. 4. Nepal : Electricity Access 3 out 10 Nepalese has no electricity
  5. 5. Health Services in Nepal 102 public hospitals 208 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) 1,559 Health Posts (HPs) and 2,247 Sub Health Posts (SHPs)
  6. 6. Energy access is critical enabler of access to medical technologies Medical and Other Appliances Communication Devices Health Services
  7. 7. Our Health sector requires reliable energy Stable & reliable power supply is essential for health facilities to run equipment's and provide lighting for evening deliveries and procedures. Power irregularities can damage sensitive and expensive medical equipment's. Lack of or an unsteady power supply can result in the destruction of cold-chain (damaging blood, vaccine etc. ) Intermittent or unavailable power can limit the ability of health facilities to deliver basic , preventive care and treatment
  8. 8. However challenges are many Infrastructure : The gap between energy access & remote health centers is ever widening and growing with expansion. Coordination : Government agencies providing medical equipment and energy are different Finance : Lack of financial Resource ,public health centers have low revenue.
  9. 9. Delivery Room In City In Rural Village
  10. 10. In Patient Department In City In Rural Village
  11. 11. Delivery is difficult using flashlights held in the mouth, as we can neither see clearly nor give instructions. Lungra, Health Post In charge
  12. 12. I had no medical equipment, the new born required respiratory support, I had to give mouth to mouth to save the baby, thank God it worked. Hattikhot, Health Post In charge Sterilization is difficult as there is no power to operate the autoclave, we use firewood to heat the autoclave. Payal , Health Post In charge
  13. 13. 19 districts has no cold storage facility 30-40 Solar refrigerators installed
  14. 14. < 1kWh Small Health post < 10 kWh Medium Health Post > 10 kWh Large Health Post Lighting Yes Yes Yes Communication Internet Internet Mobile Charging Diagnostic /Lab devices X-Ray, Auto-clave, Suction, Oxygen concentrator etc. Suction, Oxygen concentrator etc. Nebulizer Refrigeration Yes Yes Yes
  15. 15. Transforming Health services with Energy
  16. 16. Case study
  17. 17. Syada Health Post 6 hours walk from the nearest airport 8 days walk from the nearest motor able road 309 households, population of 1933 Case study
  18. 18. Jharro, local traditional light provides a dim light by burning a resin soaked pine tree wood stick. produces a lot of smog and black soot and thus is very dangerous for pregnant women and newly born babies Case study
  19. 19. 220Wp Solar Powers Lights Charging On average, the health post see about 20 – 30 patients a day 8-15 births annually Case study
  20. 20. Case study Lungra Health Post 4 hours from nearest road No electricity before Solar Population 3,803
  21. 21. 2.1 kWp Solar Powers • Refrigerator • Autoclave • Nebulizer • Oxygen concentrator • Suction Machine • Lights • Laptop 101 Births / year Case study
  22. 22. Case study Bayalpata Hospital Poor Quality and intermittent Electricity supply Was dependent on Diesel Region with 3 million population
  23. 23. Case study Solar intervention in 2012 with 12kWp Now, 100kWp Solar Powers 2 Operation Theaters ICU Dental Modern Lab Blood Banks Oxygen Generators X-Rays & more…
  24. 24. Case study
  25. 25. Case Study “Making Solar Affordable” Lease to Own Model Health facility signs agreement for 5-8 years Makes monthly payments Maintenance and Operation is taken care by the service provider System ownership is handed over to the Health facility at end of successful term.
  26. 26. Thank you Avishek Malla avishek@sunfarmer.org SunFarmer Nepal