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Customer Experience Brief: Google Pop-Up Store

  1. Customer Experience Brief: Google Pop-Up Store
  2. Visitors are greeted with a friendly message and signs throughout the store encouraged people to post on social media using the #googlepopup hashtag. 2
  3. 3 The store design is wide open, with white as the main backdrop color, and several activity stations and product displays scattered throughout.
  4. 4 Products are displayed in an Apple-esque manner.
  5. 5 A couple of Google Home stations demonstrate the functionality of the voice-activated AI product.
  6. 6 Visitors are encouraged to do a session in the photo booth, where you select the background and then an employee takes photos of you with the new Pixel phone.
  7. 7 You receive the pictures by email – here’s one of mine. (Overall photo quality is quite impressive – it’s the ultimate product demo for the Pixel.)
  8. 8 There are lots of digital screens, mostly running product demo videos.
  9. 9 The virtual reality stations were the most popular -- in it, you don a Daydream VR headset, select an experience, and then enjoy interacting with others…
  10. 10 … or exploring another world.
  11. 11 To show off Google’s main “product” – its search engine, colorful displays featuring interesting images and content encourage you to “search what you see.”
  12. I got the feeling I had visited the store during a quiet time. Although it was late afternoon during prime holiday shopping season, there weren’t more than 30 shoppers in the large space. I understand Google hosted concerts and DJs and other events during the duration of the pop-up. Overall there was a cool, chill vibe to the place – not the energetic buzz of an Apple store but definitely a more stimulating retail experience than most. 12
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