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Technology and Society Global Summit

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Technology and Society Global Summit

  1. 1. The Past, Present and Future of Human - Technology Relationships
  2. 2. Do we know where we are going or why we should care ?
  3. 3. Todays Key Message We are living in unprecedented times in which the machines we used to need our senses, intelligence and skill to controlnow use their senses, intelligence and skill to get the best from us
  4. 4. Can you imagine aworld without computers, phones and cars ?
  5. 5. A world where steam powerwas the gateway to travel ?
  6. 6. A world in which myuncle was the only personin our street to own a car
  7. 7. Where telephone callswere routed throughmechanical switches ?
  8. 8. Where young men impressed their girlfriends with their scooter ?
  9. 9. What can we learn from the past ?
  10. 10. Mankind is motivated tobreak down the barriersof time, space and state
  11. 11. We create solutions that enhance our physical capabilities
  12. 12. We began by harnessing the power of animals
  13. 13. Steam power then transformedbusiness and society and men andmachines built special relationships to harness the technology
  14. 14. Making new worlds and experiencesattractive, accessible and affordable was key to technology innovation and commercial success
  15. 15. Electronics heralded a new digital age whichtransformed everything
  16. 16. Our cars are becomingintelligent and personalised to make driving easier
  17. 17. Computers have changed from giant calculators that looked like this
  18. 18. And desktop computersbegan life looking like this ...
  19. 19. But are now our personal agents like this ...
  20. 20. Our education is no longerbased on knowledge transfer from the sage on the stage
  21. 21. But on technology enhanced collaborative and personalisedlearning through multiple channels
  22. 22. The devices we use to monitor our world
  23. 23. Now help us to understand our environment in unprecedented ways
  24. 24. Serious games have gone from outside sports
  25. 25. To new forms of games
  26. 26. With innovative interfaces
  27. 27. It is our dreams, desire and passions empowered by information communicationstechnologies that have accelerated social and economic change
  28. 28. We are now able to transfer ourknowledge, experience and senses into our technologies with unprecedentedconsequences for Society and Business
  29. 29. The Prosumer is a new phenomenon
  30. 30. Prosumers have unprecedented powers toshape the world around them
  31. 31. Community Informatics supports social andeconomic development
  32. 32. Social Networks help build relationships
  33. 33. Technical and Scientificknowledge and experience isnot the biggest differentiator or driver for change
  34. 34. Dreams drive inventionand technical innovation
  35. 35. Science fiction soon becomes reality
  36. 36. Virtual worlds breakdown the barriers oftime, space and state
  37. 37. Personalising technologyto satisfy our basic human needs, wants and desires
  38. 38. The question is - are we atthe end of the beginning or the beginning of the end ?
  39. 39. But on a lighter note !
  40. 40. The Bookwww.gadgetstogodbook.com
  41. 41. The Presentationwww.davidwortley.com