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3. Solution
To kick off the digital transformation of Torfs, detailed insights and understandings about what is
happening in and beyond the world of retail today were needed. This phase of the transformation
was inspirational and opened the eyes of the stakeholders of the company.
An impact analysis of the Drivers of Transformation on Torfs was conducted to assess the possible
change to their business as triggered by digital transformation.
We then predicted future scenario’s for the Key Transformation Areas of Torfs to understand the
possible futures and making them visible for all stakeholders.
Together with Torfs, we’ve brainstormed about business ideas for the company considering the
designed scenarios and the (position of Torfs in the) future of Retail and mapped them on a realistic
digital roadmap.
After any digital transformation project it is needed to monitor all new trends and keep our eyes on
the possible scenarios to make sure that Torfs is able to change course in a fast but well thought way,
which is aligned with the business strategy of the company.
3.1. Our approach - Digital Transformation Modeling

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