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  1. 1. Evaluation, Daniel My performance in this unit was outstanding, I gave my best in it, and I sincerely think my poster should be used for the real X-factor. My investigation stage lacked my yearn to do it, but it was substantial, to be approved, by a rough shot. The design stage helped me to certify that my creativity would be handy, as the poster came from selfinspiration, and not the research that failed to assess my criteria. The plan stage was the one I put the most amount of detail in, which would later help me to better understand my own project. The creation stage was the only that showed a humorous sideto the unit; a fun side, a productive one. The poster struggled to live through aging software, but it was finished in flying colors. My process journal served as a sort of “diary”, which was the only meaning I could give to it. I am now disappointed that its date was postponed, as I was looking toward this fun social event with the members of the school.