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Teach,Tutor, Assess ISTE 2012

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Teach,Tutor, Assess ISTE 2012

  1. 1. Teach, Tutor, and Assess Using Screen Captures and Recordings for Teaching, Training, Tutoring, and Assessing ISTE 2012 Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, Ed D cchandler@nu.edu National University, Assistant Professor Masters of Science in Educational and Instructional Technology President of San Diego CUE2/9/2012 1
  2. 2. Tech Time • Tech Check/Web 2.0 • 3-C’s • Teach, Tutor, & Assess • Course Introductions • Screen Capture • What is Jing? • What are Voicethreads? • Camtasia • Adobe Connect web recorders2/9/2012 2
  3. 3. Web 2.0
  4. 4. Screen Capture• Why use them?• How to use them?• What tools to use?
  5. 5. Snipping ToolIncluded in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and theExperience Pack for Windows XP Tablet Edition
  6. 6. Snag-It Screenshot Capture and Organizer
  7. 7. FastStone Capture Tool (Windows $20.00)Built-In Color Picker
  8. 8. SkitchSkitch.com Free applicationDrawing with swanky Graphics
  9. 9. Grab Mac Only
  10. 10. Mini-Multimedia-Me’sVoki MecchandlerVoicethread Course Introhttp://voicethread.com/book.swf?b=306297Eyejot (Instead of eMail)
  11. 11. Jing/ScreenCast Add visuals to your online conversations. Instead of typing at people, show them what you are talking about…pronto. “Jing is a great ‘quick and dirty’ solution for producing simple video tutorials in a hurry.” -Dave Kaminski Web Video University Blog2/9/2012 11
  12. 12. What is Jing Pro? Now ScreenCast Snap. Record. Share.2/9/2012 12
  13. 13. Jing by TechSmith
  14. 14. What you will need: • Microphone / Headset • Internet Connection • Application download http://www.techsmith.com/download/jing/ • Jing and ScreenCast2/9/2012 14
  15. 15. Preparation• Audience and Purpose• Prepare a short script• Narration is key• PPT or Prezi slides• Screen Capture Windows• Upload to Website• Share with students/colleagues/parents2/9/2012 15
  16. 16. Jing/Screencast in Action Scott Moss, Associate Faculty, National University Middle School Teacher @ Innovations, SD City Schools Inserting a Voki into Moodle • http://www.screencast.com/t/kjq6YCTbQ Uploading a PDF File to Moodle • http://www.screencast.com/t/DxtHNNo5 Embedding a Video into eCollege • http://screencast.com/t/ty4k0yq4y2/9/2012 16
  17. 17. ScreenCast Assessment of Student Work• ScreenCast Assessment of Prospectus
  18. 18. Jing in Action Recording of Jing Presentation2/9/2012 19
  19. 19. Demonstration of Jing• Login to Screencast• Where is the file stored?• Web delivered• Easy to use2/9/2012 20
  20. 20. What is Voicethread? https://voicethread.com/share/1397335/ Voicethreadis Asynchronous Voicethread is Engaging Voicethread Creates Dialogue/Conversation/Comments Penn State2/9/2012 21
  21. 21. Project Samples 57 Samples at website ranging from Digital Storytelling to Collaborative Writing Assignments2/9/2012 22
  22. 22. ProjectsPictures Around the Worldhttp://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/w/page/17791585/Voicethread#WhatisVoicethread http://my-ecoach.com/project.php?id=127662/9/2012 23
  23. 23. Demonstration of Voicethread www.voicethread.com 1-Minute Video https://voicethread.com/share/8381/ http://voicethread.com/?#u1365163.b1397335.i74012602/9/2012 24
  24. 24. ResourcesCamtasia Relay (Tech Smith)Ferriter. W. C. (2010). DigitallySpeaking, http://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/w/page/17791585/VoicethreadFisher, M. (2009) Image Web 2.0Moss, S. & Sistek-Chandler, C. (March 2012). Em’bed and Breakfast.https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0Ad3JzwIvrxy_ZGZmNjQ2Z3hfMTQ1ZnNrYmdxZm0Sistek-Chandler, C. (2012).http://my-ecoach.com/project.php?id=18294&project_step=87865VoicethreadsVokiwww.Voki.com2/9/2012 25
  25. 25. The Beginning Questions? One take away Contact: cchandler@nu.edu cynthiaedtech@gmail.com www.sdcue.org2/9/2012 26