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Iab Local Presentation Cleveland

  1. Integrating Online into your Local Marketing Strategy ONLINE MARKETING SUMMIT IAB LOCAL COMMITTEE JUNE 8 TH , 2009
  2. IAB, ANA, AAAA and Booz & Co. Partnered on “Marketing-Media Ecosystem 2010” Study Marketer View of the Ecosystem % of Responses Source: Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010 survey and Booz & Company analysis
  3. DIGITAL OVERVIEW The Opportunity Emerges
  4. “ The dip in sales seems to coincide with the decision to eliminate the sales staff.”
  5. US Online Ad Spend Rising with Increased Broadband Penetration US Online Ad Spend vs. Broadband Penetration Source: Pew Internet Research, IAB PWC Internet Ad Revenue Report
  6. The Internet has become pervasive – fast TV Internet Today Internet 1995 Radio Newspaper Magazine “ Middletown” Media Consumption Daily Incidence of Use Average Daily Minutes / User p Source: Middletown Media Study II, Pew Internet Research, IAB Analysis Internet Today Internet 2005
  7. Local Growing Faster than National Source: Borrell Associates, 08Q4 U.S. Interactive Ad Spending, 2006-2008 CAGR = 14% CAGR = 32%
  8. Display advertising makes up half of all Local Interactive Ad Spend Source: Borrell Associates, 08Q4 U.S. Local Interactive Ad Format Share, 2008
  9. SMBs with Websites Also Steadily Rising Source: Local Commerce Monitor. Wave XII August 2008 (sample of 299). Wave XI August 2007 (sample of 304). Wave X February 2007 (sample of 300). Methodology: Online. Cosponsor: ConStat. Online Spend Steadily Increasing A Strong Majority of SMBs Now Have Websites; Will Probably Reach Two-Thirds in 2009 SMBs Now Spend Almost One-Third of their Ad Budget on Online Media
  10. SMBs Planned Use of ‘Web 2.0’ Features Source: Local Commerce Monitor Wave XII August 2008. (Sample: 299). Methodology: Online. Co-sponsor: ConStat.
  12. Using the internet is a mainstream media behavior among Cleveland adults Source: Scarborough Research Cleveland Report, Release 2, 2008 Base = Cleveland DMA adults (2,961,679)
  13. Nearly 70% of Cleveland Adults have internet access at home Source: Scarborough Research Minneapolis-St. Paul Report, Release 2, 2008
  14. Over 54% of the Cleveland Digital Audience spends 5 hours or more online Source: Scarborough Research Cleveland Report, Release 2, 2008
  15. Cleveland adults who have accessed the internet in the past 30 days are more upscale than the average Cleveland adult Source: Scarborough Research Cleveland Report, Release 2, 2008 Base = Cleveland DMA adults (2,961,679) Index Men 102 Women 98 Age 18-34 120 Age 35-44 120 Age 45-54 1079 Age 55+ 70 College Graduates or more 126 Household income 100K or more 124 Individual employment income 100k or more 135 Homeowner 103 Home value 300K or more 121 Employed as a professional/manager 129
  16. Nearly 30% of the Cleveland Digital Audience spends $500 or more for Internet Purchases in the last year Source: Scarborough Research Cleveland Report, Release 2, 2008 Amount Spent in Past Year Share Under $100 8.6% $100 - $249 15.4% $250 - $499 12.0% $500 - $999 10.2% $1,000 - $2,499 10.4% $2,500 or More 6.1%
  17. Auto, Merchandise, and Real Estate are the largest categories for Cleveland Interactive Ad Spend Auto Marketing General Merchandise Stores Real Estate Services Food Stores Government Furniture stores Retail Home Improvement Pharmacies Automotive Parts & Supplies Telecommunications DotCom Businesses Credit & Mortgage Services Eating and Drinking Places Computer-related Services Other Medical Professionals Banks Colleges and Universities Apparel and Accessory Stores Miscellaneous Retail Medical Doctors, HMOs Automotive Repair Services HVAC Installation & Repair Office Equipment/Supplies Other Recreation Places Retail Toys/Games/Hobbies Total Interactive Ad Spend by Business Category for Cleveland DMA $ Million $- $10 $20 $30 $40 Source: Borrell Associates, 08Q4
  18. We know it’s important And we know its growing but… What is available to help meet our goals as marketers?
  19. There are many tools! But let’s start with some basic tools and how they are used:
  20. Keep in mind many tools can achieve multiple goals. Platforms that can help reach your Marketing Goals Most effective Least effective Marketing Goals Digital Marketing Tools Brand Awareness Lead Generation Retention / Loyalty Email Search Display Ads Mobile
  21. How Search Results Appear Paid Search = SEM Algorithmic Search or Organic Search or Natural Search = SEO
  22. Local Case Study Goal : Build Brand Awareness For Local Restaurant – First Crush in San Francisco Solution : Used Google Ad Words and focused on its web brand through consumer reviews and its website Results : First Crush Restaurant increase its site traffic by 400% Encourages Reviews Top of the local search results Uses Ad words to promote its local awards
  23. Local Search Key Point: Good Search Results start with a strong website. It is very important to make it useful and relevant to your consumers.
  24. Brand Awareness: US Health Dept Local Television Site WTHR.Com Markets U.S. Health Department’s Toll Free Health Line To Local Residents Rotational banners (728x90 and 300x250) throughout the site…reaching the masses! 728 x 90 300 x 250
  25. Brand & Lead Generation & Retention Example: Macy’s Weekly Presence with homepage takeover & heavy run of site prior to the “shopping weekends.” Campaign also includes opt-in solo email blast, “Deals & Steals”, during key promotional periods.
  26. The Adaptor Ford Motor Company utilizes the Adaptor technology to support it’s Dealer Groups. Instead of creating and customizing hundreds of messages, they buy one Adaptor ad and bring in dealer information through a back end database.
  27. Mobile Branding Example: Clearwire Launch Mobile Sites like Yahoo and MySpace Market Clearwire’s WiMax service “Clear” to mobile, tech savvy consumers Banner ads on participating mobile sites…targeting local mobile consumers!
  28. EXECUTING SUCCESSFULLY “ Breaking the old rules”
  29. Content Integration: NY Times Ads for Milk
  30. Case Study: Amtrak “National Train Day!” 2008 Success Leads to 2009 Renewal. HIGH IMPACT AD UNITS Hockey Stick Ad, Peelback’s etc.
  31. Image courtesy of M. Clarke under a Creative Commons License Questions & Discussion ?

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  2. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is dedicated to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, of interactive’s share of total marketing spend, and of our members’ share of total marketing spend.
  3. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is dedicated to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, of interactive’s share of total marketing spend, and of our members’ share of total marketing spend.
  4. Despite the Macro-Economic Conditions, Signals Indicate a Healthy Industry with Positive Growth Potential Rising High-Speed Internet Use Remains the Industry’s Growth Catalyst and Best Indicator of Future Health Faster Internet connections are necessary for a variety of online functions –media and gaming and eCommerce As a proxy for general internet use, eCommerce (a very engaged form of consuming the media) growth trends have tracked in parallel with overall broadband growth OECD data suggests many countries in Continental Europe remain 1-2 years behind the US and UK in terms of broadband penetration. As such, we think higher broadband usage is likely to be a growth catalyst in those countries as well as in the US in coming years.
  5. Based on observational study of 350 adults in Muncie and Indianapolis, IN – selected by sociologists as generally representative of US behavior Generally correlates with more statistically significant studies, but also highlights errors in self-reported surveys Internet today based on 2008 data from Pew
  6. Two Basic Search Marketing Tools: Search engine optimization (SEO) - is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines search results. Search engine marketing (SEM) - is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages CONFIDENTIAL
  7. Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms including images (static or animated) as well as interactive media that may include audio and video elements. Display advertisements are not required to contain images, audio, or video: Textual advertisements are also used where text may be more appropriate or more effective. For example messages sent to mobile device users. The Internet Advertising Bureau, an industry trade group, sets standards for online display advertisement sizes and shapes.
  8. Mobile advertising is a form of advertising via mobile (wireless) phones or other mobile devices. It is most commonly seen as a image or text at the top of the page or the bottom of page. It can also consist of SMS advertising (short text messages) or other forms include MMS advertising (images, audio, video, rich text)
  9. Campaign Objectives: Portland, Oregon is the first of several markets selected for Clearwire's new WiMax service, CLEAR. Targeting early adopter, tech savvy individuals during the pre-launch and launch phases of the media plan, Clearwire planned to spur awareness and initiate registration for CLEAR in Portland. Mobile was employed as one of the key tactics and several key sites and carriers were included. Solution: Applegate Media chose Centro as their primary digital partner in the planning and buying process. Centro brought together a plan incorporating on deck and off deck mobile platform partners and included an information branding partner. Mobile sites such as,,, and Sprint's "On-Deck" site were included in the campaign.
  10. A classic marketing quote – with Analytics we can start to see which half we’re wasting! Notes: