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Marketing Your Tourism Business Online


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Marketing Your Tourism Business Online

  1. 1. Brought to you by: Marketing your Tourism Business Online May 2015
  2. 2. The Internet, and social media in particular, have RADICALLY CHANGEDthe way people consume information and the way organizations PROMOTE THEMSELVES.
  3. 3. The rules of marketing HAVE CHANGED.
  4. 4. Consider: WHERE do your current and future audiences FIND WHAT THEY NEED?
  5. 5. What does it take? Listening
  6. 6. What does it take? CONNECTING #hashtags, RT, Like, Favorite, Reply
  7. 7. The Key is to build ENGAGEMENT #notaonewaystreet
  8. 8. Going BEYOND LIKES takes CREATIVE CONTENT that CAPTURES people
  9. 9. LISTENING IS content
  10. 10. OUTREACH IS content
  11. 11. CUSTOMER SERVICE is content
  12. 12. Your Customer’s Story IS CONTENT
  13. 13. Travelers are Heavy Social Media Users: Facebook Dominant Source: Travel Weekly
  14. 14. Travelers use more than one Social Network Source: Travel Weekly
  15. 15. Broad Demographics using Social Media Source: Travel Weekly
  16. 16. How Travelers use Social Media Source: Travel Weekly
  17. 17. Successful Social Media Marketing • PROFESSIONALLY designed page • It’s NOT JUST ABOUT POSTS • You MUST have a PLAN. Thoughtful content strategy that incorporates the personal touch, sales and marketing, and outreach • LISTEN AND RESPOND, stimulate conversation • Be a RESOURCE to people • Photos and videos get 60% more lift • Tag / links, Hashtags • WOW your fans!
  18. 18. Which Channels? Be where your customers are, amplify their messages, respond to them • Facebook: Broadest audience, need skill to build engagement and shares • Twitter: Power to reach beyond your network, listening and customer service • Google+: SEO benefits are considerable • Instagram: Visuals, hashtags, and engagement • Pinterest: Long – tail value with planners • Linkedin: Good for convention planning • Tripadvisor matters!! • Good is the enemy of great
  19. 19. Don’t have time to establish a presence on SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS? Not sure where to start? Dream Local Digital can help.
  20. 20. Expert help to get you there • Social Media strategy development • Social media page design, management • Reputation Management • Blog development and content creation • …and more!
  21. 21. of people trust online reviews by strangers
  22. 22. of people trust online reviews by people they know
  23. 23. The key is REPUTATION MANAGEMENT… And you need it now more than EVER!
  24. 24. Review Sites Heavily Used and influence purchase decisions Source: Travel Weekly
  25. 25. Getting Found SEARCH:
  26. 26. of consumers search for local businesses online
  27. 27. How you rank in SEARCH is critical • 90% of searchers stop on PAGE 1 • 75% stop after 5 listings
  28. 28. Want to ensure your business can be found locally and on search engines? Dream Local Digital can help.
  29. 29. EXPERT help to get you there • Search Engine Registration • SEO, keyword strategy • SEM and PPC campaigns • Google, Yahoo, Bing optimization • …and more!
  30. 30. Impact of Mobile
  31. 31. Facebook now has over 725 million mobile users Do you have a usable mobile web site?
  32. 32. Impact of Mobile: Google’s new rules
  33. 33. Need a MOBILE WEB SITE or have questions about how mobile marketing should fit into your plans? Dream Local Digital can help.
  34. 34. shannon@dreamlocal.com www.dreamlocal.com www.facebook.com/dreamlocal 207-593-7665 for attending! THANK YOU