research papers 2020 papers 2020 research management research research publication ss304l itjemast management sciences research article defects building maintenance leakage waterproof reserch publication questionnaire survey science and technology research engineering energy saving edm pulsed current micro plasma arc welding grain size finite element method 2020 articles published articles research applications neo-research management multidisciplinary research posture control naa cfd built environment multidisciplinary nanoparticles epoxy resin cheapstat supercapacitor triethanolamine prefabrication building satisfaction criteria dormitories residential satisfaction townhouses detached houses likert scale functional efficiency publish paper complex exponential limit number e compound interest. approximation sustainable architecture function; form; space; co simulation curriculum optimized operational parameters scalding stunning slaughtering black box defeathering thermal comfort tomato relative humidity sustainability anova stability finite-element large displacement cyclic analysis steel brace elastoplastic tubular hardness design of experiments liquid nitrogen titanium nitride surface modification characterization spatial frequency response incoherent imaging systems iso 12233 modulation transfer function response spectrum relevance vector machines supervised learning ground motion bayesian regression homogenization tissue engineering annulus fibrosus industrial combustion lambda sensor paper submission submit your research today technology management management papers research report new research sciences wos crossdisciplinary research weight matrix ; architecture lch programmes lch policies low-income-earners fuzzy evaluation internal cabinet home product customer’s needs modern city urban architecture city typology penang affordable housing indoor environment energy efficiency daylighting construction management confirmatory factor analysis livable city streets streets planning city transportation sustainable streets traditional architecture modern apartment colonial government quarters highrise apartments industrialized building system occupants satisfaction passive envelope glazing thermal insulation garden design therapeutic landscape garden element healing factors basic robot experiments transformable robot mechanical design rescue engineering disaster robot pitch rotation mechanism flapping angle flapping robot; butterfly pitch angle flapping flight aerodynamic characteristics roll rotation kinetin naphthaline acetivc acid mini rose ba duncan new multiple range test sap 2000 reinforced concrete buildings incremental dynamic analysis seismic capacity seismic detailing salt tolerance salt sensitive proline accumulation gt laser irradiation flexible manufacturing cell seed treatment technique flexible manufacturing system potassium carbonate central composite design alpha-amylase glucose content hydrolysis two-fluid model geldart particle downer reactor mpc algorithm control law; real-time interpolation scheduling parameter oil resistance epoxidized natural rubber tensile properties methanol dme renewable energy acid catalyst minibus likert scales satisfaction survey vanpool transport gcl bentonite x-ray diffraction test montmorillonite scanning electron microscopy aci 318 nondestructive evaluation structural evaluation islamic city urban space sustainable development natural heritage livable city sustainable community peak oil oil cr public health facility healthcare facility accessibility bluetooth rfid facility management dummy police; driving against traffic flow; red li cellular communication; combined antenna field; hu mass transportation herf heat transfer questionnaire cause of accident street accident drunk driving driving behavior housing standard; low income family; family classi multi upgrading form livable indonesia slum upgrading process integrating building. flexible space spaces efficiency bernard calcimeter method alkalinity atmospheric chloride atmospheric dust rainwater atmospheric nitrate environmental pollution atmospheric phosphate shibam city architectural identity planning sustainable building spatial configuration space syntax circulation interior design. bicolor flower; bulb; tissue culture; naa; ba cad solid modeling constraints  parametric dimensions scanning electron microscopy; ion exchange capacit ba; naa; in vitro plantlets. thai rice; gamma-ray; induced mutation; photo inse fpga; vhdl ; azimuth ; altitude ; uln recycled concrete; coarse aggregate replacement; t socio-environment design; city sustainability; saf curcuma sp.; callogenesis; shoot organogenesis; 2 4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid. technological innovation capability; analytic netw n2o decomposition; split n2o; catalytic zeolite sy carbon fibers; polymer composites; physical proper finite element; impact analysis; bird-strike; arbi finite element; impact analysis; bird-strike; smoo finite element; impact analysis; bird-strike; lagr flow cytometry; hexaploids; polyploid; embryogenes polyploid induction; cromosome; flow cytometry; mo geographic information systems; water management; security framework; key distribution; intrusion de large-scale stochastic linear programming; feed-mi flexural rigidity; post-tension; strengthening; re religious building; cultural heritage; conservatio lrfd bridge design; bridge failure; bridge structure; b thailand multiplication; embryo culture; benzyl adenine(ba) highlighting; terraced house; facade; shading area highlighting; colour contrast; adobe photoshop; br embryo rescue; seed dormancy; scarification; globb earthquake resistant structures.  phenomenology; local wisdom; traditional architect dft; hetero–diels–alder reaction; nitrosoalken banking; gis; loan appraisal; information technolo large-scale feed-mix problem; bender’s decomposi 4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid (2 somatic embryogenesis  paclobutrazol; 2 4-d); benzyl adenine (ba) technology innovation capability; tic evaluation f research and analysis journals research and development modern research path choice; walking behavior; commuter; perceived architecture; prague; sustainability; monument car kuala lumpur waterfront user access public place space syntax; economics; accessibility; urban desi accessibility; visually impaired passengers; light rural-urban recreation hobby garden urban perma-culture allotment gardens agro-leisure urban design urban form; city ; energy; sustainabi traditional built environment; traditional art evo sustainable compact city; population density; conv copper; aluminum; friction coefficient; wear rate; energy efficient buildings; passive cooling; verna biodiesel; glycerol; combustion. space adequacy; urban homes; household contents. urban design; industrial estate; planning design. public space; new urban area; new town; public dom clay; surface modification bromobutyl rubber; natural rubber; talcum jiaogulan; tissue culture; ba; naa activation;biochar;activated carbon;grapheme;mesop silica waste;pure alumina;geopolymer;compressive s passive design strategies daylight; visual comfort solar saving; passive heating; passive cooling; re roof colour; roof colour modification; surface tem external wall; construction technique; constructio urban strategy urban management; historic buildings; cultural sus affordable housing; sustainable housing adaptabili sustainable architect; hot arid regions; historica urban heritage; conservation; sense of place. tribal habitat; sustainability; vernacular archite architectural identity; house facade modernity; vi perceived security; natural surveillance; land use instrument development; preferences; residence hal ultimate uplift pile capacity; tension pile load t sustained pedestrian walking pedestrian pedestrian street street liveliness perspective analysis entrepreneurship product analysis abstract information assurance virtual technology software simulation networking retention nifty projects active learning classroom active learning cs0 computer aided learning spice circuit analysis software learning software electric circuit analysis scalability animation authoring collaboration virtual labs remote labs body of knowledge lean manufacturing certification delphi technique validation semiconductor digital test industry-based survey texas a&m retention improvement tissue culture morphology acute irradiation wishbone flower gamma rays genetic algorithm; facility layout problem; two le chaotic motion chaotic mobile robot instable focus mobile robot chua’s circuit weld quality pulsed current micro plasma arc welding tabu search replenishment hybrid heuristic oil delivery fleet management brass taper aisi 431 electrode adsorption atr-ftir x-ray absorption spectroscopy reactive dye nanochitin pathway design museums’ design elderly interior environment satisfaction local scour horizontal apron sluice gate hydraulic structures sediment characteristic lengths building envelope assessment flue gases oxygen concentration thermal control model; webct (web course tools) measurement; e-learning acceptance technology soil moisture retrieval passive microwaves surface emission model amsr-e data assimilation land surface modelling tibetan plateau bead geometry pulsed current mpaw house design traditional style habitability low-cost houses activation energy fick’s model drying air temperatures air velocity thin-layer drying crossroad speed table speed hump traffic management speed bump traffic calming community traffic control speed table process approach knowledge management (km) iranian institutions salem city-india urbanization change detection irs-liss iii halide ions binding energy amide based receptor density functional theory (dft) settlements poverty slums urban routing mobile power network aodv energy adhoc genetic algorithm (ga) groundwater artificial neural network (ann) micro-edm wear; electrode wear ratio (ewr) microelectrodes electrical discharge machining (edm) splittype air conditioner indirect evaporative cooling microwave heating non-uniform porosity maxwell’s equation rectangular wave guide saturated porous media qkd quantum cryptography bb84 bb92 quantum key distribution durian shell glycerol bagasse agricultural waste solid fuel porous burner diffusion flame methane-air combustion micropropagation nepenthes mirabilis murashige and skoog (ms) vacin and went (vw) thick-walled cylinder finite element analysis bauschinger effect internal pressurize autofrettage risk area assessment deoxygenation palm oil nimo surface tension viscosity viscometer capillary anova. hooke & jeeves method ultimate tensile strength inconel625 wind potential wind speed weibull distribution gelam wood electrochemical capacitor carbon electrode cyclic voltammetry composite asia disaster management; malaysia housing legislations national call center geospatial information system domestic violence information technology aerodynamics acoustics coanda effect computational fluid dynamics chaos; chaotic motion; chaotic mobile robot; chua oxygen content current reversal mode hot-wire turbulence grid shock wave turbulence length scale curcuma longa l.; ba; naa; sucrose; trimming bearing housing beach cleaning trailer stress competency model career road planning strategic job analysis illuminance level; pendentive dome; istanbul; orha countdown signal; intersection capacity; total sta temperature; thermal comfort; penang island climat
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