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R E A L V U L G A R I T Y Dr

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R E A L V U L G A R I T Y Dr

  2. 2. There are many things which make you delighted, generous and provident. These things give you the realization of your nobility and magnanimity. They give you solace and comfort. They rejuvenate you. Why? Is it because of the appearance of these things alone? No. Actually it is the interaction between you and these things; and its association with your past experiences; that makes you feel so nice! It is due to the interplay of your neuro- hormones, hormones, autonomic nervous system and your central nervous system.
  3. 3. Nudity also can illumine you from within! If you can perceive the panorama of eternal emotionsl the nature’s poetry flowing In the form of parental care and the bonds between various generations! It can remind you of the infinite romance and its power of supreme transactions and imparts to you the fountainhead of spirituality. However pornographic overtures and gestures, or nudity in a mercenary way, exploiting sex in a barbaric way, getting sexually exploited and so on; stimulate overpower you with surge of sex hormone secretion engulfing you in only physical sexual intercourse and related acts. It may titillate you and excite you, but it does not raise you! It makes you mean and terribly ethnocentric.
  4. 4. But vulgarity is not restricted to mere sex. The hallmark of vulgarity is that; it is an experience that makes you mean, petty, needy, meek and lowly! After the experiences of vulgarity you feel sick and disgusted and find that you are empty and pitiable! NAMASMARAN helps you to conquer the roots of vulgarity in and around; and appreciate the beautiful reality beyond sexual vulgarity! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR