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Growth & Superliving Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Growth & Superliving Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. There are two points. First; is that we tend to continuously see and feel something wrong somewhere. We are not able to pinpoint. But we keep on coming to some conclusion and giving our solutions. We tend to feel that our solutions are final and exclusive. We tend to feel that they can bring about permanent and everlasting haven in our personal life or on earth. We are all the times harping on appearances and not the root!
  3. 3. Can really a permanent haven come in personal life or on earth? What would be the nature of such haven? Are our claims realistic or true in view of millions of generations of various living forms to come, live and perish? Are they going to conform to our ideas? Second point is; we tend to exclude ourselves from the rest of the world. We tend to answer in terms what must be done by others.
  4. 4. Are we really different from others? Is it not true that we share all the qualities; good and bad to a greater or lesser extent with others and all of us share the helplessness to come out of it? Is it not true that what is impossible for us can also be impossible for others? In fact; is it justifiable to subjectively and hence arbitrarily insist one thing or another; for ourselves or others; in some subjective hope of haven?
  5. 5. These are human follies common to all of us to a greater or lesser extent making our “present” miserable. In such situation one may think that the alternative is to accept everything as it is and never think of any change. But that is not so. Everything that appears wrong and the arbitrary idea of haven are due to subjective feeling and solutions given for others are also subjective feelings unknowingly excluding ourselves!
  6. 6. Hence the solution is to transcend together; the subjective dream of haven, realize that everything “wrong” outside is also inside us and practice NAMSMARAN and blossom to objectiveness. Let us do it to the extent it is possible. That can enable and empower us to realize the best of the things which are here but unknowingly ignored by us and hence not manifested by us! NAMASMARAN practiced by billions can let us realize that we
  7. 7. are free and can manifest that freedom! You may think over and decide if this makes sense! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR