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Bologna toc 2013 changing world of children's books final

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The Changing World of Children's Books 2013 was a keynote given by Dominique Raccah at the Tools of Change Bologna 2013 Conference which took place at the Bologna Children's Book Fair #BCBF13

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Bologna toc 2013 changing world of children's books final

  1. 1. The Changing World of Children’s Books Tools of Change Bologna Dominique Raccah March 24, 2013
  2. 2. What’s new in children’s books? Asked editors, authors, booksellers, librarians, developers, retailers… and data
  3. 3. Total US Physical Book Market -9.27% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  4. 4. US Physical Book: Adult Non-Fiction -12.97% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  5. 5. US Physical Book: Adult Fiction -10.71% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  6. 6. What’s Selling in eBooks2011 2012
  7. 7. US Physical Book: Total Juvenile -.66% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  8. 8. US Physical Book: Juvenile Fiction -2.19% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  9. 9. { fiction }
  10. 10. 1. Lots and lots of series
  11. 11. 2. Topics once reserved forYoung Adult fiction are now making their way “down the food chain”
  12. 12. 3. Graphic Novels and Manga • BIG • Now written at every reading level
  13. 13. { non-fiction }
  14. 14. “A growing interest in children’s illustrated non-fiction.”
  15. 15. US Physical Book: Juvenile Non-Fiction +5.47% 2011 2012 Source: Nielsen Bookscan
  16. 16. US: The Common Core is coming!!
  17. 17. { digital books }
  18. 18. “There is a content explosiongoing on. Reading is moving to the screen … by the end of 2013, 65% of US children will have access to an e-reader.” —Rubin Pfeffer East West Literary Agency
  19. 19. “Over the next few years,textbooks should be obsolete… the United States has anopportunity to lead the world ineducation by moving from print to digital as fast as we can.”—US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan November, 2012
  20. 20. What’s Selling in eBooks2011 2012
  21. 21. US librarians andeducators: The digital book is coming!!
  22. 22. Barnes & Noble and Nook Kids are clear leader in children’s ebooks • increase in digital sales in children’s publishing all the way across the board • “In picture book sales we’re the only game in town.”
  23. 23. In education, the leader is Apple…• More and more iPad 1-2-1 schools• The space is dominated by apps rather than books
  24. 24. Apple iBooks AuthorAdding more interactivity into ebooks
  25. 25. { Where does a book end and an app begin? }
  26. 26. Some of the big technology trendstaking place in US education:• 1-2-1 ipad vs byod (bring your own device)• Flipped classrooms• Personalization• Gamification• Social learning• Open ecosystems; distributed repositories, cloud based learning resources• Student data; data dashboards; outcomes reporting
  27. 27. “Great is the sheerexhilaration of falling in love with a book.” —Edward Nawotka Publishing Perspectives
  28. 28. Personal choice “children are driving the market bywhat they choose to read rather thanthe adults who purchase the books on their behalf.”
  29. 29. Analytics, recommendations and choice
  30. 30. Localization and globalization
  31. 31. { personalization }
  32. 32. “You’ve got to start with thecustomer experience and workback toward the technology — not the other way around.” —Steve Jobs May 1997
  33. 33. children’s early experiences with books Can we make the warmth, the connection, the joy, the bonding … better
  34. 34. Put Me In The Story bestselling books starring your child!
  35. 35. { the app }
  36. 36. Put Me In The StoryStarted with an iPad app…
  37. 37. App is free and comes with a free book
  38. 38. Dedication page, creates special moment
  39. 39. A chance to make a wish every night …
  40. 40. Great early press … ★ As seen in the New York Times: Children’s Books Starring Your Own Children ★ “‘Put me in the story, Mom!’ Now you really can.”—The Christian Science Monitor
  41. 41. Great early press … ★ “A wonderful tool to aid in the development of your child’s language skills and improves attention span through interactive reading.” – AppDiction ★ “I had to wrestle my iPad away from the girls” – Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly, Beyond Her Book
  42. 42. Great early press … ★ Very young children will be enthralled and delighted by this app that allows you to quickly and easily personalize specific picture books so your child is included in the story.” – The Literary Platform
  43. 43. Strong early user reviews for the app … “One of the best apps for children on the iPad! Beautiful art and animations, enjoyable story and a delightful Put Me In The Story mode. Very much recommended!”
  44. 44. Strong early user reviews for the app … “My daughter and I have had so much fun with this app already. She loves Dream Big Little Pig and it was so fun for her to be in the story. We read The Night Night Book every night. What a great idea!”
  45. 45. Strong early user reviews for the app … “My kids actually crave for more! It works great and is on of the coolest storybook apps I have found for the iPad.”
  46. 46. { the website }
  47. 47. Beyond the app …PutMeInTheStory.com sells printed personalizedversions of these bestselling books
  48. 48. Creating books to cherish forever …
  49. 49. Incrediblyeasy user interface
  50. 50. We started with bestselling books and authors!
  51. 51. And then, we added Elmo! Thank you, Sesame Workshop!
  52. 52. Got great consumer response immediately!
  53. 53. “I loved being able to add her pictureto the dedication page giving thebook an even more personal touch.Kinsley and I have sworn to be bestfriends forever so when she saw thispage, she was awed because not onlydid the book have her name in it butalso one of our favorite things to sayto each other, ‘You are my best friend.’Kinsley loves reading this book over and over. It feelspersonal to her, like I am not just reading a book but sayingeach word to her specifically. The book was so easy tocustomize and shipping was much faster than I expected. Itwas a huge hit with my baby girl!” —Melanie
  54. 54. Only 8 books…
  55. 55. …And Hundreds of users already!
  56. 56. Put Me In The StoryA personalization platform for bestselling books, authors and brands
  57. 57. “I am excited about Poppy the pig being a part of the Put Me In The Story personalized platformbecause it’s such an innovative and creative way to really engage a child’s imagination within a book. There’s no better way, in my eyes, for a child to Yamaguchi slideconnect with a story than when they are the star of it! So just like Poppy, I can see how Put Me In The Story will encourage kids to Dream Big!” ̶ Kristi Yamaguchi, March 2013
  58. 58. “I am excited and proud to be a debut author with Sourcebooks new e- initiative that will offer kids andparents a new way to connect with a love of reading!” ̶ Marianne Richmond, Nov 2012
  59. 59. Put Me In The Story A chance for you to express how you feel, using yourfavorite books and best-loved characters
  60. 60. Why is Put Me in the Story News:• APP and Print — Creates Experience, Sharing and Keepsake• Bestselling Books — Beloved Stories and Characters• Organized Platform for Bestselling Brands and Authors (curated)• Perfect Gift Platform — Gifts are estimated at 50% of books sold• Beyond Children’s Books
  61. 61. Put Me In The StoryWhat’s different:• Collaboration – not every personalization is the same (not cookie cutter)• Creating a virtuous circle that impacts all 3 parts of the relationship: adult, child and the book• Building a first love of reading• Building a bridge to what to read next• GREAT user interfaceI!!• Creating our own IP
  62. 62. More beloved kidsbrands and authors joiningPut Me In The Story soon!!
  63. 63. Welcome to Put Me In The Story, Berenstain Bears!
  64. 64. An invitation:What might WEcreate together?
  65. 65. Just at the beginningof what children’s books will become…
  66. 66. Creating A World of Readers
  67. 67. Slides and notes @ TOC and putmeinthestory.com blogEmail: dominique.raccah@sourcebooks.comTwitter: @draccahBologna: Hall 25 Booth A113