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Raab future proof marketing automation in 2012

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how to select a marketing automation system that will meet your needs in 2012 and beyond

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Raab future proof marketing automation in 2012

  1. 1. Marketing Automation in 2012:Future-Proof Your Selection David M. Raab Raab Associates Inc. draab@raabassociates.com
  2. 2. Seven Deadly Sinsof Marketing System Selection 1. ignoring users 2. lack of purpose 3. no requirements 4. talk only to leaders 5. let the vendor drive 6. focus on functions 7. work without experts
  3. 3. State of the Art: Abysmal• 50% only consider one vendor• 66% rely primarily on internal meetings• 42% use online research• 25% consult with in-house IT• 19% do formal needs assessment & RFP• 25% do pilot deployment sources: CMO Council, Raab Associates
  4. 4. Readiness for Future: Abysmal 81% of marketers find online marketing ‘challenging’ 34% of marketing budget is already online online channels are growing the fastest CMOs are unprepared for • 71% data explosion • 68% social media • 65% more channel and device choicessources: Penton Marketing Services, Google/Ipsos, Bizo, IBM
  5. 5. WhyWhy?
  6. 6. Why new buyer process Why? •do their own research •don’t talk to sales •don’t talk to experts •rely on social medianew marketing needs•new media and channels•new skills are rare•tight marketing budgets•little tech buying expertise
  7. 7. better selection process•requirements definition•vendor search•project management
  8. 8. Requirements Document• Background• Marketing Process• Existing Systems• Project Objectives• Data Sources• Required Functions• Use Case Scenarios
  9. 9. better selection process•requirements definition•vendor search•project management future-safe vendor •past innovations •flexible technology •training and support •non-tech education •vertical expertise •financial strength •corporate culture
  10. 10. WhatNext?
  11. 11. Today’s Lessons1.Forget the past2.Remember the future3.Change the present
  12. 12. Thank You David M. Raab draab@raabassociates.com www.raabguide.com