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Enter2013 Travel Industry Context Marketing

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Enter2013 Travel Industry Context Marketing

  1. 1. context based marketing John Doxaras, founder of Warply @doxaras A marketing toolbox that powers up monetization,loyalty and consumer engagement for marketeers andpublishers in local and global level, across four screens
  2. 2. DEMAND FULFILLMENT VS. DEMAND GENERATION let’s set things straight
  3. 3. PROBLEMMobile Marketing Is Underperforming an ner Ad s Mo bile B ork d on’t w“Traditional” mobile advertising like banner-ads is failing, real- S imply id!performance is very poor and needs to be addressed ever dimmediately. Brands need to learn how to execute in the sense They nof new mobile marketing strategies.The Evolution of Brands Mobile Strategies ngAfter investing in the development of mobile inventory, brands then enteri ra a tion e onetizfocused on growing their user base. Now it is time monetize thismedium... m2009 2012 2012 2016
  4. 4. TESTIMONIALS Warply serves as a zero cost direct Campaign redemption is up to communication channel 80% making CPC down to 4-7¢ with our top customer - Mindshare 10% - Eurobank 40% Warply gave us 10x consumer reach with 1/5 of the media buying budget! CREDIT CARD SPENDING INCREASE FROM THE FIRST MONTH OF USE - Kraft
  5. 5. Q1 2013
  6. 6. HOW EVERYTHING WORKS ? A cloud based marketing toolbox, that enables brands, developers and publishers to directly send interactive mobile marketing campaigns to their customer base via push notifications User receives WARP
  8. 8. SEGMENTATIONFacebook/Foursquare Data Mining Custom Geolocation/Demographics Tagging GeofencingTarget using full scope of Integrate with existing back Use custom tagging API to Deliver campaigns that eitherfacebook demographics ends and fuse it with end categorize your app users change their content basedthrough the embedded users messaging interaction. based on your app marketing on user locationfacebook connect Persuasive marketing can needs. Use “4/5 star rating” (geolocation) or triggeringfunctionality inside effectively identify consumer or “frequent player” if you campaign interactions whenWarply SDK personas. develop games or “Sports users are close to specific Fan” and “Car Enthusiast” if locations (geofencing). you are a publisher.
  10. 10. case studiesGet Inspired!
  11. 11. LONG TAIL
  12. 12. LONG TAIL
  13. 13. AIRLINES
  14. 14. CONTEXT BASED MESSAGES Go Ahead Communicate with your clients in their context! visit us: http://warp.ly mail us: info@warp.ly like us: https://facebook.com/warply