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  1. CCTV अपरेशन तथा मममत(प्र.ह./प्र.ज.) तालिम दोस्रो समूह Adjust Various NVR/DVR parameters, features प्रस्तुतकताम:- प्र.स.लन. ई. अलमत दोजे प्र.प्र.का. संचार लनदेशनािय लमलत: २०७९/०५/२२ गते । समय: ८:३० – १०:०० बजे ।
  2. DVR/NVR • The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder • DVR is mostly used for recording data from coaxial or analogue cameras • For transmission cable, it prefers the Coax cables • It is inexpensive as compared to the NVR • The full form of NVR is Network Video Recorder. • NVR is mostly used for recording data from IP cameras • For transmission cable, it prefers Ethernet cables. • It is expensive as compared to the DVR
  3. Adjust parameters of DVR/NVR • User name and password
  4. Select location of your country
  5. Select the proper time zone setting for your region
  6. For easier login you can create a pattern, you will need to enter it twice to confirm
  7. Enter your email in order to reset the admin password in case the password was forgotten, you may also setup security questions
  8. Make sure the video standard format is set to NTSC and click on "Next"
  9. Here you can go in depth with the time settings. You may want to set up the DST (Daylight savings) so that it takes affect when the time comes.
  10. The recorder will be set as a static default IP address you see on the screen. Input an open local IP address and gateway from you network. If you don't know this information you can select DHCP (highlighted in the red box) in order to automatically receive an IP address from the router
  11. You can select the Encode settings for each camera by selecting the drop down menu on "Channel"
  12. Select the resolution and image quality for snapshots
  13. Select what you want to when the hard drive fills up
  14. Recording schedule, the green will indicate 24/7 recording and Yellow will be Motion recording
  15. Features of DVR/NVR COMPRESSION FORMAT • Standard H.264 compression with low bit rate and better image quality LIVE SURVEILLANCE • Supports HDMI/VGA/BNC output • Supports channel security by hiding live display • Display the local record state and basic information • Supports USB to make full control RECORD MEDIA • Supports one SATA HDD to record for a longer time without any limitation
  16. RECORD & PLAYBACK • Record modes: Manual, Schedule, Motion detection and Sensor alarm recording • Supports recycle after HDD full • Resolution, frame rate and picture quality are adjustable • 4CH DVR supports 4 CH 960H real-time recording • 8/16CH DVR supports 8/16CH 960H @12/15frame recording or 8/16CH full D1/CIF real-time recording • Supports remote playback in Network Client through LAN or internet
  17. ALARM • Supports schedule for motion detection and sensor alarm • Supports linked channels recording once motion or alarm triggered on certain channel PTZ CONTROL • Supports remote PTZ control through internet
  18. NETWORK • Supports TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS protocol • Supports IE browser to do remote view • Supports picture snap and color adjustment in remote live • Supports remote full menu setup, changing all the DVR parameters remotely • Supports mobile surveillance by phones with iPhone/Android/Blackberry OS