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Presentation about Lotus Notes 8 functionality

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why upgrade / move to Notes 8

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Presentation about Lotus Notes 8 functionality

  1. 1. Why upgrade to Lotus Notes 8 Take II - Competitive Edition September 5. 2008 IBM Lotus Software
  2. 2. Innovation is about people! Profound changes in the global business environment People are…. • driven to collaborate • pervasively connected to each other • pervasively connected to information • have increasing access to expertise • increasingly make time efficient well informed decisions … • Sharing all sorts of information . all in context IBM Lotus Software 2
  3. 3. What is the end-user outset today? IBM Lotus Software 3
  4. 4. The opportunity to empower employees has never been greater With the right tools and resources, there is no limit to what your people can do for your business Us ers: D evelopers: Administrators: S ingle, unified view for S tate-of-the-art R AD C ontrol of the desktop collaborating and application development and the collaboration communicating effectively tools budget IBM Lotus Software 4
  5. 5. Bringing it all together in one collaborative experience Blogs Office Instant productivity messaging Email / Calendar Feeds Communities Profile information LOB applications Business information Bookmarks Activities IBM Lotus Software 5
  6. 6. Notes 8 – a rich yet simple face to collaboration - An integrations hub for “new ways of working” C omposite apps. Integrated desktop D ocuments & C ontent P rofiles IM / 2 UC E mail / C alendar Feeds, W iki’s P roductivity Activities, blogs Acces s to information and expertice in context IBM Lotus Software 6
  7. 7. IBM Lotus collaboration product strategy Rich klient Windows/Office Browser eForms Portal RSS/Atom Mobil Interaction og client functionality (on-line or off-line) Composite application framework Business process Information IBM Lotus Software 7
  8. 8. So what do I get with Lotus Notes 8 ? • A much improved, cool new user interface • Improved productivity with quick access to information • Stream-lined email, contact and calendar features • Edit, create and share documents - all from inside Lotus Notes • Integrated instant messaging and awareness* • Handle inbox “overload” with personal and public document libraries* • Advanced search options built into Lotus Notes • Innovation: Composite applications, Sidebar & plug-ins, Widgets, Live text • Incremental new “stuff”: In-line spell check, recent contacts, threaded inbox view, Mail box size indicator * Can be enhanced with full version of Lotus Sametime & Lotus Quickr IBM Lotus Software 8
  9. 9. Lotus Notes 8 – a closer look IBM Lotus Software 9
  10. 10. Conversation Color coded threads messages Recipient icons and flags Integrated presence and IM Horizontal and vertical preview pane options
  11. 11. Additional niceties ... (Mail) Multi-level text undo Automatic look-up of recent contacts Recall message Instant spell checking Spell check in another language IBM Lotus Software 11
  12. 12. Additional niceties ... (Calendar) Two time zones New Out of Office functionality: - Hours - Server taks - Instant Out of Office response Check/Uncheck people during meeting planning IBM Lotus Software 13
  13. 13. Collaboration – where was it now? IBM Lotus Software 14
  14. 14. A personal favourite - Swiftfile • Get easy access to move mail to folders • Three likely folders suggested • A spot of artificial intelligense • Available both for Notes 7 or 8, but use it as an upsell IBM Lotus Software
  15. 15. Lotus Notes 8 - Sidebar and plug-in model • Unique new sidebar innovation • In-place contextual applications • Ease of access – Most functionality only 1-2 clicks away • Out of the box integration points – RSS Feeds – Activities – Calendar “Day at a Glance” – Sametime – Lotus Quickr • Widgets • Extensions to the already extensive application development model. Add your own applications IBM Lotus Software 16
  16. 16. IBM Lotus Software 17
  17. 17. The more advanced stuff: Composite Applications • Start thinking of the Lotus Notes Client as an application integration hub • Combine Information from different sources • Reducing time spent on correlation information • “Integration at the glass” • Modernice existing applications – Tie existing applications with other or new applications • It is more than just a Lotus Notes application – Is this a Portal ? • The possibilities are endless Let’s look at some examples for inspiration ... IBM Lotus Software 18
  18. 18. IBM Lotus Software
  19. 19. And in Lotus Notes 8.0.1 – Live Text and Widgets
  20. 20. Getting something like this ... Collect widgets Wire them to text => Live Text!  Perform business actions with a single click  Auto-recognize common text strings  Automate common searches and look ups  Present relevant, real-time information IBM Lotus Software 23
  21. 21. Transparent access R ich client B rows er M obile IB M Lotus Notes IBM Lotus D omino IBM Lotus Notes Web Access – Lite mode Traveler IBM Lotus Software 24
  22. 22. iNotes Lite IBM Lotus Software 25
  23. 23. Notes Traveler • Response to popular demand • Push model • Basic wireless mobile replication solution for Lotus Domino email/PIM data • Runs directly in the Domino server as a server task • Support for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (Professional and Smartphone) • Nokia support slated for 8.5 (S60 Symbian) • Communicates over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection offering 128 bit encryption – Optional mobile VPN • Licensed as part of Domino • Extended device support and richer offerings available from third party IBM Lotus Software 28
  24. 24. Lotus Notes 8.0.1 gave us ... • Mail – Default to reply without attachments – Quota Gauge – Send documents from Symphony • Document compression • Composite applications • Relative links • Citrix 4.5 Support (8.0.2!) • New ToDo UI • Calendar • Dual Time Zone • Delete warning in the calendar IBM Lotus Software 29
  25. 25. ... And the Domino 8 server • Continued improvements in • Internet login lock-out administration and performance • Inbox ”cleaning” • Out of Office as server service • Automatic bookmark • Lotus Traveler – push mail redirection (rename/move • TCO improvements: server, move applikation) – 30% I/O – 20% lower CPU usage – 25-30% less disk usage (Design+data compression) • Mail quota indication • DB2 as Domino data repository • Tivoli Directory Integrator IBM Lotus Software 30
  26. 26. Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.2 • Performance improvements – Reduced memory footprint – Improved client start time – Improved client responsiveness – Goal: to run comfortably on a Thinkpad 2GHz T30 w. 1 GB memory • iNotes Ultralite (iPhone browser support) • 64-bit Citrix support IBM Lotus Software 31
  27. 27. iPhone support – iNotes Ultralite • Basic Mail, Contacts and Calendar • Included in the mail file design as of 8.0.2 • Common Email functions – Inbox views and navigation – Read message – Compose message – Reply to/Forward message – Address Lookup • Supports Apple Safari on iPhone series 1 and 2 – Support planned for other devices (intentional and occasional) – Also works in Firefox for demo purposes etc. IBM Lotus Software 32
  28. 28. And we are STIIL backward compatible! • No “Rip-n’Replace” - Notes and Domino 8 is compatibel with earlier versions: – Same infrastruktur – Same data store – Same securitymodel – Same Directory – Same administration tools – Same replicationmodel – Same APIs – and more • And Innovation for collaboration IBM Lotus Software 33
  29. 29. Microsoft - why worry? ”If Microsoft can replace everything else in the stack for the smaller customer, it will do everything in its power to do that” - Mike Gilpin, Forrester Research Director • Microsoft has asked their sales and partners to reach out to Notes customers before they upgrade to Notes 8. Once on Notes 8 their willingness to go the Microsoft way is reduced considerably – the window of opportunity is closing • An indication to us of the importance of driving the Notes 8 upgrade! IBM Lotus Software 34
  30. 30. Notes and Domino – much more than just e-mail ”Calling Lotus Notes a mail solution and comparing Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook, is like asking Tiger Woods to go 18-holes with his putter.” IBM Lotus Software 35
  31. 31. Microsoft planted messages - FUD Messages that are recurring to much to be occasional: 2. “Outlook and the Microsoft UC2 solutions have a nicer UI” 3. “Users love Outlook and use it at home.” 4. “No one else in your line of business use Lotus Notes.“ 5. “Candidates for your future merger and acquisitions are likely to run Exchange.” 6. “You have too many Domino applications. A Microsoft decision will lead to fewer and more targeted applications” Fight the FUD! IBM Lotus Software 36
  32. 32. The subjective argument – enter the beauty contest now • Notes 7 was released in the fall of 2005 • Notes 6.5 was released in the fall of 2003, support ending April 30. 2009 • Your customers are comparing 3-5 year old technology to Outlook 2007 • How to counter the taste argument ”It is ugly as shit – especially Outlook 2007” - Wanderingstan blog IBM Lotus Software 37
  33. 33. Users love Outlook and use it at home – Not true! • Business usage patterns are not the same as home use of Outlook/Outlook Express – Microsoft estimates that <10% use Outlook at home! • Tools such as Facebook, Hotmail, Google, MySpace, Skype, LinkedIn and other web 2.0 technologies are at least as important to the private user • Home e-mail is dominated by Hotmail, G-mail and POP3/IMAP ISV solutions accessed through Thunderbird or proprietary browser solutions – Outlook is not a preferred home use client model • Microsoft is not promoting the use of Outlook 2007 for private email • Office 2007 Home & Student Edition does not include Outlook • Vista no longer comes with Outlook Express (no new developments for 5 years) • New mail experience – Windows Mail - does not resemble Outlook • Microsoft is moving home users to Windows Live, unsuitable for corporate use IBM Lotus Software 38
  34. 34. The grass isn’t always greener over there… How difficult do you find the Exchange 2007 upgrade to be? Source: Ferris Research, Exchange 2007 Implementation Issues, December 2007. With permission “Within the land of IT, nothing is a bigger pain to own, manage and run than Microsoft Exchange. Everywhere you go customers have horror stories about the installation, maintenance and, above all, up-time of their Microsoft Exchange implementations. And worse yet, they will all tell you they are paying top dollar for the privilege because the expertise needed to successfully run a Microsoft Exchange server is some of the most expensive in the IT labour pool.” - Michael Vizard, eWeek, September 2007 IBM Lotus Software 39
  35. 35. The Microsoft alternative The Outlook for Exchange is cloudy • Rigid requirements - New 64-bit server requirement in Exchange • Creeping dependencies – SQL Server, Windows Server etc. • Exchange no longer supported as an application platform - Existing API’s are withdrawn • No upgrades just migrations – Exchange 2003 will not upgrade to Exchange 2007 – Exchange 2007 on Windows 2003 will not upgrade to Windows 2007 – No rolling upgrades – No mixed environments • Complicated and expensive (active-passive) clustering • Application capabilities scattered over multiple clients and interfaces IBM Lotus Software 40
  36. 36. quot;What’s the ques tion? S harePoint is the ans wer STEVE quot;S harePoint does a lot of thing s , but it does very few thing s very well. - S hawn S hell, C E O of C onsejo, author of The S hareP oint R eport 2008 from C MS W atch IBM Lotus Software 41
  37. 37. CMS Watch – Portal comparison study • ...CMS Watch identifies seven common enterprise portals, of which MOSS excels at two: Collaboration and Web Development. • quot;For use as an enterprise portal, MOSS will remain an unlikely fit for most e-business scenarios or enterprise-wide deployments in large organizationsquot; • quot;MOSS adds a long set of new features, but MOSS should still only be considered for departmental collaboration or intranet scenarios in mid-market organizations already using Microsoft intensivelyquot; • ...the most value from enhanced Office integration will come to those enterprises concurrently upgrading to Office 2007. Customers on older versions of Office may find their usability mileage varies. • As with the previous version, ease of installation obscures difficulty in customization and ongoing maintenance; administrators can easily get in over their head. • quot;Microsoft has tried to go 'enterprise' in the impressive breadth of MOSS capabilities, but not necessarily in their depth and scalability” IBM Lotus Software 42
  38. 38. MOSS enters the valley of disappointment • SharePoint will continue to grow at viral rates as a low cost, low touch, document collaboration system. But in 2008 we will see the start of a noticeable backlash, particularly among larger enterprises • The backlash will be two-fold. First larger enterprises will exhibit major compliance and litigation discovery issues across numerous unmanaged and unaccountable SharePoint locations. You will also see a backlash against sizable development costs and times to build maintainable applications in the MOSS environment. • With the more complex SharePoint projects struggling to launch, customers are realizing a disconnect between Redmond's heavy promotion and the realities of a product that is significantly less out-of-the-box than most expect. Source: http://www.cmswatch.com/Feature/172-2008-Predictions?source=EM IBM Lotus Software 43
  39. 39. Looking for additional sales / upsell ? IBM Lotus Software 44
  40. 40. Lotus Sametime in Notes 8 IBM Lotus Software 45
  41. 41. Lotus Sametime entitlements Entitled in Notes Entitled in Notes 8 Available with Capability 7 Sametime License Presence Yes Yes Yes Instant Messaging chat Yes Yes Yes N-way chat Yes Yes Yes Sort contact list Yes Yes Yes Show short names Yes Yes Yes Show online only Yes Yes Yes Time stamps Yes Yes Yes Chat history Yes Yes Yes Rich text N/A Yes Yes Emoticons N/A Yes Yes Emoticon palettes N/A Yes Yes Business card display N/A Yes Yes Contact type ahead N/A Yes Yes Spell Check N/A Yes Yes IBM Lotus Software 46
  42. 42. Sametime entitlements (cont.) Entitled in Notes Entitled in Notes 8 Available with Capability 7 Sametime License Full Sametime client or any external clients No No Yes Web conferences/Instant Meetings No No Yes Sametime Toolkits (including ST Links) No No Yes Sametime Gateway (Public IM) No No Yes Mobile access/Sametime Mobile No No Yes Selective who can see me No No Yes Set alerts No No Yes Send File (File Transfer) No No Yes 3rd party telephony or multi-way video No No Yes Voice chat N/A No Yes Video chat (native point-to-point video) N/A No Yes Multiple Sametime communities N/A No Yes Set geographic location N/A No Yes Screen capture tool N/A No Yes Selective DND N/A No Yes IM-specific plugins N/A No Yes IBM Lotus Software 47
  43. 43. The Sametime product family IBM Lotus Software 48
  44. 44. Moving from Lotus Quickr Entry to Lotus Quickr Lotus Quickr Entry -Each user can get 1 file store -No places as such -But all the connectors are there -So ... IBM Lotus Software 49
  45. 45. Integration with Lotus Quickr IBM Lotus Software 50
  46. 46. What about saving the entire email ?? • In the same way users are able to save attachments into Quickr places, Lotus Quickr 8.1 will allow Notes users to save the body of the email as well. • By doing so, the email itself can become part of the Quickr place and can be managed, accessed, archived, and controlled alongside all of the other relevant team content IBM Lotus Software 51
  47. 47. IBM Lotus Software
  48. 48. Lotus Connections is superior to Microsoft SharePoint • On stage comparison held June 10. in Boston hosted by The Burton Group • Lotus Connections came across as a clear winner of the comparison, and the success has resounded on blogs since then • Leverage the momentum attained from this event to take on and entice competitive accounts with Connections • Ask for materials from IBM ”IBM came across as a clear winner” - Mike Gotta, The Burton Group IBM Lotus Software
  49. 49. Microsoft licensing best practises • Microsoft is not telling your customers the full story – they need to watch out for the trap! • An EA with Microsoft is an expensive way of acquiring Microsoft software – Windows Professional Upgrade is rarely used - and costly – Buy Office Standard Edition as and when needed – Don’t buy things you do not use • Additional licensing is required for SharePoint, Exchange and Office Communication Server to access most new functionality • Substantial cost in SQL Server – Use SQL Server processor based licensing – Additional compared to many IBM solutions Let’s do something and do it • Total cost savings potential 35-80% quickly, because I’m sitting on a • Customers with an EA needs to oust Notes big pile of cash over here.” to attain value from their EA ”We’re continua lly surprised by • Engage with customers and Microsoft companies that don’t take the ti the number of me to conduct a financial analysis customers alike (1.000 user minimum) of the costs and benefits of SA” IBM Lotus Software 55
  50. 50. Summary  You should be very enthusiastic about Lotus Notes 8  New ways of working – but still very much Lotus Notes  Lotus continues to add value and bring innovation to the collaboration space  The way people collaborate keeps changing – new ways of working – Notes 8 keeps up with the latest trends  Keep getting additional value from your past investment  This is not just about email – we are beyond that  Notes 8 is still just another easy upgrade  Sell what’s there now even if 8.5 looks even more promising  Current applications live happily ever after  IBM Lotus collaboration is far superior to the competition. Use Notes 8 to make sure the customer realizes this Let your customers reap the benefits of Lotus Notes 8 today! IBM Lotus Software 56
  51. 51. Additional information • Competitive resources in the Nordics – Norway : Arne S. Nielsen, arne.nielsen@no.ibm.com – Sweden : Fredric Wahlsten, fredric.wahlsten@se.ibm.com – Finland : Caj Eklund, caj.eklund@fi.ibm.com – Denmark : Niels J. Hansen, niels.hansen@dk.ibm.com • Notice: The Lotusphere 2009 web site is now on-line – Abstracts needs to be entered before September 26. IBM Lotus Software 57
  52. 52. Notes 8.5 – what can we expect ?
  53. 53. Goals of Domino 8.5 • Simplify Notes Identity management and authentication – Eliminate need for Lotus Notes password for authentication – Simplify Notes ID management • Reduce storage costs Optimize and reduce attachment storage – Further reduce I/O bandwidth • Improve quality of service – Reliability initiatives – Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) – Dynamic Group Policies • Modernize Domino application development – Deliver major improvements in Domino web application server and development tools – Domino Designer in Eclipse
  54. 54. Simplify Identity Management • For Users: – Eliminate need to enter Notes password – Simplify “forgotten password” and “lost ID file” recovery – Eliminate need to manually keep multiple ID files consistent • For IT: – Greatly simplify Notes ID management: manage, update and distribute ID‘s – Allow Notes user and group information to be stored and managed in non- Domino LDAP directories
  55. 55. Choose the type of Calendar federation calendar to add
  56. 56. Roaming ... Key Notes 8.5 Roaming Themes  Simplify roaming and enhance deployment – Policy-based roaming admin – Simplified end-user dialogs – ID Vault integration – Serviceability focus  Enable roaming for Notes standard – Roam XPD/Eclipse-based settings and data – Includes all client settings in preferences panel – Includes Feeds and Widgets  Support new file-server roaming mode – New option for roaming data to file server – LAN-based roaming – Does not require a local Domino server
  57. 57. Modernizing Domino Web Applications IBM Lotus Software 64 64
  58. 58. Modernizing Domino Web Applications 65