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City camp sunday ideas

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City camp sunday ideas

  1. 1. Accessibility adviser Enabling access for all wheelchairs, prams etc. Planning A to B. Liquid law Social collaboration: format organisation – difficult to find a place online for constitutions – liquid law – digital napkin drag and drop open source Front line SMS Use case mapping models available. Use of SMS to solve social problems. Internet disaster information service Info response Pakistan floods. Crowdsource to make a difference. Need for a UK group. Need a crowdsource response if anything happens here in UK. Opening data sources For London, the UK Listing data sources that we want open up – bringing people together – campaign as a group London view management framework Boroughs trying to come up with new set of rules. A new set of local management framework – use of Flickr .
  2. 2. Accessibility widget Making the web more accessible to get around places – widget for key accessibility information. Use of crowdsourcing. Mentor well Cloud based collaboration tools. Trusted relationships on an individual level. iPhone apps/ Facebook. Books in community recycled and collected Empty shop - come in with old books - come out with new books – downloaded. Relationship between digital and physical space. How can I help? How to make making a difference easier. Old people next door? Neglected local public area? What am I allowed to do? Problem solving and opportunity space. Mission Explore iPhone app and website- encouraging young people to see the world and explore them in new ways on a local level as well as a global - gaming layer.
  3. 3. LinkedGov Government data sets – cleaning up data – decodes – creating an online factory where people can contribute. Want to develop screenshots. What areas should we start in? Make it understandable to government etc If you could change one thing about where you live, what would it be? Lambeth council – people wanting to solve that one thing. Putting information into a format that could be re used. How do I do that? People have big ideas, fall at the first hurdle, often the council. Consistently updated wiki Social bandwidth index Mash up of individual indexes. To create a cross issue view of issues. Want to pilot with ten cities Delivering veg boxes by bike Work out way of mapping people’s commuter routes. Work out how we can put them to use.