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Lessons We Learned About Personal Branding

Over the last two months we have published a series of blog posts about personal branding and managing your online presence with the goal of providing students and graduates with the knowledge and tools necessary to display their skills and competences in the best light and stand out from the masses. Our goal was to educate others but we learned a lot ourselves and these are the key messages we tried to communicate with each post. Enjoy!

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Lessons We Learned About Personal Branding

  1. 1. Align your digital footprint with your job seeking efforts. First and most important step in job hunting is updating your resume, but that alone is not enough.
  2. 2. You can read the original post here!
  3. 3. 78% of recruiters have already found a perfect candidate through social media. 94% of recruiters use social media in their recruitment efforts
  4. 4. Some of the most intimate details of our lives are available online, for all the world to see! PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL The digital age has blurred the lines between
  5. 5. Two categories omitted from formal resumes are catching up to the „what you’ve done“ part of your personality and becoming important factors in building your career. Show Who YOU are And What YOU can do!
  6. 6. You can read the original post here!
  7. 7. You should take matters into your own hands and make your personal page that sends the right message and screams YOU. Luckily, there are some great .ME services that help you do just that!
  8. 8. You can read the original post here!
  9. 9. You already have one and it’s out of your control.
  10. 10. Your brand is inconsistent.
  11. 11. You are missing out on a great opportunity to attract people who might be interested in what YOU have to offer.
  12. 12. through which people receive new information about you. A well-established personal brand represents a LENS
  13. 13. You can read the original post here!
  14. 14. We must know who we are today so we can start working on the person we want to be tomorrow.
  15. 15. Identify your values.
  16. 16. Identify your passions.
  17. 17. skills and competences. Examine your
  18. 18. Ask for feedback from the people that know you best.
  19. 19. when introducing you. Pay attention to words and phrases people use
  20. 20. You can read the original post here!
  21. 21. Leave positive and lasting impression in recruiter’s mind. Make an emotional connection that will make you more than a few letters on a page.
  22. 22. Write a compelling personal branding statement that says: This is !
  23. 23. Use your cover letter to tell your story.
  24. 24. Feature your CONTRIBUTION to specific projects or problems.
  25. 25. Get creative in your resume creation process.
  26. 26. Make links to you website or landing page part of your resume.
  27. 27. You can read the original post here!
  28. 28. The process of posting jobs and collecting resumes is mostly automated. Adjust your resume accordingly – pay attention to keywords.!.
  29. 29. Clear visual hierarchy and focus on relevant information allow recruiters to quickly scan The most important features and make a decision.
  30. 30. Be honest! White lies are unacceptable.
  31. 31. Make it personal – give recruiters a personality to go with the name!
  32. 32. Take the brand YOU in your own hands. Find your story and share the unique you with the world. You can read the original post here!
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