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Designing a Successful SlideShare

Can you remember the last time you were absolutely WOWed by someone’s presentation? So much that you wished you made it yourself?

Knowing how to design a successful presentation is one of the most useful business skills to have. Social media guru, student or a financial whiz – at one point in your career you will be asked to share your business results or ideas with others. Aside from preparing an engaging talk on the matter, you will have to create the slides that will compliment it.

You want your SlideShare presentation:

To allow people to follow along with your verbal presentation
Communicate key ideas in succinct and impactful way
When you are starting from a blank canvas, the number of options you are faced with can be stress inducing. You have to think about fonts size and family, which colors to use, illustrations to include and the overall concept. That’s why we decided to make a SlideShare that can guide you through it and help you make the best decisions.

We want people to remember you when asked the question from the beginning.

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Designing a Successful SlideShare

  1. 1. Successful SLIDESHARE DESIGNING A A SlideShare about Designing a SlideShare
  2. 2. EVERY SLIDESHARE HAS TO ADHERE TO 4 PRINCIPLES: Have a clearly stated message Stay simple and easy to follow Contain effective imagery A great color scheme is key 01. 02. 03. 04. JPEG
  3. 3. Custom font and eye-catching color - adhere to a theme throughout the SlideShare Use iconography and images to support your message Avoid placing an image in the center of the slide QUICK Wins
  4. 4. Typography Use visually exciting fonts (Futura, Montserrat, Bebas Neue) Use CAPITALIZATION or highlight to stress your keywords Use contrast - big vs small, bold, colour or font combinations Play with both character and line spacing
  5. 5. Effective Color Scheme MOST Choose a color scheme that fits your material: - strong, high contrast colors for tech/innovation - pastel or dulled colors for emotional, human material Vibrant color combinations - they are known to cause headaches Low contrast colors - not visible on projectors Avoid:
  6. 6. Layout CONTENT Your SlideShare should tell a story Use your main points to structure your slides Define the core message you want to convey to your readers You should avoid using templates - take the time to create your own designs
  7. 7. Ideal Word Count PER SLIDE of presentations average 24 words per slide 45% SlideShares between views average 22 words per slide 2M and 6M Presentations with views average 47 words per slide under 1M
  8. 8. 2M views have 69 slides Ideal Number of Slides PER Presentation 03 04 05 01 02 Average presentations with over Cutting down on words per slide while increasing the number of slides is the key to a successful SlideShare. 2,000 word threshold receive nearly 10x as many downloads as the rest Presentations that cross the Tip
  9. 9. Optimization It is important to optimize the headline for searchable keywords Twitter allows viewers to easily tweet quotes from a SlideShare The name of the file you upload to SlideShare becomes the URL slug - so choose wisely You can embed the presentation to your blog - helping you build backlinks and organic traffic
  10. 10. MAKE YOUR SLIDESHARE Mobile Friendly: Opt for font size 16 or higher Increase your contrast - higher contrast improves visibility on small screens Highlight or limit the text on slides to a few key phrases Avoid using complicated graphs with too many details Use simple and clear imagery - limit the number to 1 or 2 per slide
  11. 11. Clearly label clickable buttons - most people are not aware that you can have live links in your SlideShare Include your Call to Action in your SlideShare - somewhere in the final slides Feel free to add URLs to your other posts or your blog CALL TO Action and URL
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