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Bourns Inc.  a global manufacturer of electronic components maxi...
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Bourns Inc Infographic

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New Infographic on Touchless Invoice Processing: See how Dolphin Corporation customer, Bourns Inc. increased vendor satisfaction and improved the company's bottom line.

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Bourns Inc Infographic

  1. 1. THE PATH TO TOUCHLESS INVOICE PROCESSING AT BOURNS INC. Bourns Inc. a global manufacturer of electronic components maximized its return on investment in SAP® by optimizing its manual process to auto—post two-thirds of all invoices. ' ELIMINATE COSTLY. GET THE RIGHT DATA MANUAL PROCESSES mm SAIL FAST >- Bajrns Watmid tt° tall‘: églgantage / / Bourns used a com bination of OCR m : fit'SS; :e°nl"g; :y :1aC: uua| groceescsause for automation and validation by AP ' ‘ fff b I . Bourns needed to go touchless! J Sta or est resu ts l Kee , method ': i't: :': PProval Bourns streamigned approve“ ‘ '10 trainin required and timely 9 re ' d Leunesdvs= e«; m CONFIGURE RuLEs . ,Z, ‘;’; ,nj; f=$Pedup esca g; 'ujgg; :;; W.. ,d. . o . TO AUTO POST to route invoices to receiving, r€qUl5l“°“er5' or cost center owners, bypassing AP entirely Bourns set up rules to bypass AP I and send invoices directly to the approver. Approved invoices post T T automatically. ens f0|‘ FOCUS AP TEAM ON ‘"99’ team for Bourns asked the Val. 0 N S 0 N improven(iie‘i'r‘tes. _"§: :‘th at Save h_m': ate data '0 rioritize t CR ‘ on, Bourns removed manual tasks and extra would have the gr€3l95 Bourns Péfoff Q9urate touchpoints so the AP team could focus impacl data b f pa Validated Cessin on resolving invoices with exceptions. MONITOR AND REPORT BOURNS‘ STRIVE FOR RELENTLEssLv CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Bourns found that with better AP reporting the Receiving department cared about lost discounts and the Purchasing department cared about AP Auto—posts! Bourns intends to keep improving and testing the solution 5% of invoices processed touchless INTERESTED IN TOUCHLESS INVOICE PROCESSING? ff 888.305.9033 0 I p h i n www. dO| phin-cOrp. com ‘