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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 18

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 18

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! This is Chapter 18: Tricks. Last time, Gen 6 paired off and finished college and moved back home to bring in Gen 7. And so, we should probably get a move on that, don't you think?
  2. 2. Kicking off the weddingstravaganza are Reed and Fiona. They're still three-bolt stalky, and are rolling some serious wedding Wants.
  3. 3. Fee's parents Chad and Michelle were there, as well as her cousins Bee and Becca, and Reed's brother Basil. Simon and Billy were in the kitchen having a snack and didn't make it to the ceremony. MichelleFobbs writes the Planetary Apocalypse.
  4. 4. "Reed, there's no one I'd rather stalk relentlessly. Plus, you're cute and you want babies too." "Fee, I'm glad you yanked me out of the Townie pool and I can't wait to start with the babies." "Yay babies!" "Hooray!"
  5. 5. Reed and Fee both went Permaplat by becoming Education Minister, and a baby did indeed follow.
  6. 6. Said baby is Kate, immediately aged up as per usual for the spare-types. Kate's a Pisces like Fee: 5/7/10/5/8. She got Reed's eyes, but looks a lot more like Fee.
  7. 7. Next up in the wedding rotation are Simon and Pen. Penguingirl writes the Penguino Legacy.
  8. 8. "Pen, I never would have signed up for that Bachelor Challenge, but I'm glad I got kidnapped by ninjas and shanghaied into it. I probably never would have met you otherwise, and there's no one I'd rather be with. Although a few less Dirty Jokes would be okay too."
  9. 9. "Simon, I'm glad you came out of your shell for me. And you look darn good in a tux. Way cuter than any penguin I can think of."
  10. 10. You may squee now. That goes double if you happen to be Pen.
  11. 11. Most of the guests managed to change into formalwear for the occasion. Simon's parents and sister were there, as well as all of his cousins, and Pen invited her former roommates Smoothiequeen, Professorbutters, and Flavius Marius. Smoothiequeen writes the Villainous Apocalypse. Professorbutters writes the Squeaky Clean Legacy. Flavius Marius is originally from the Ten Caesars Legacy.
  12. 12. Pen went Permaplat by becoming a Media Magnate, and Simon went Permaplat with the unlikely LTW of Mad Scientist. With a little turnon-tweaking, they're another three-bolt couple, and do a lot of autonomous flirting.
  13. 13. Before too long, they welcomed Brooke (Sagittarius 6/1/10/7/4) to the family...
  14. 14. ...and also River (Virgo 10/1/9/7/1). Both girls look a lot like Pen and have her big blue eyes.
  15. 15. Georgia and Sheldon are next up, after Sheldon moves in and gets a well-deserved makeover.
  16. 16. Georgia invited the family: her brothers Cam and Jordan (Rocky had to stay home with Niobe), parents Wren and Styx, and Uncle Rhea, who is still pathetically grateful for slides. She also invited Billy and Reed. StyxLady writes Just Another Legacy.
  17. 17. "Sheldon, I'm so glad I met you and was able to stalk you without getting yelled at, and I can't wait to have babies!" "...Your brother's a Popularity Sim." "We're going to have the cutest babies ever!" "...Your dad's a Popularity Sim." "Babies!" "...Your mom just heart-farted me." "...Can we just kiss now or something?"
  18. 18. Georgia got married in Styx's wedding dress. It seemed like the sort of thing she'd do.
  19. 19. Georgia might be pregnant, but she hasn't lost her sense of whimsy.
  20. 20. Scott gets Styx's hair and Wren's eyes. He's an Aries 6/9/6/4/9. I smell another Pop Sim in the making. Another finger-gunning, creepy-nice-smiling Pop Sim.
  21. 21. The last of the spares to get hitched is Bee, getting wed to Streaker Victor Stratton. Predictably, she wanted a big party. Di and Indy were only too happy to watch Bee get married. Dicreasy writes the Victorian Legacy.
  22. 22. "Victor, I hope you don't mind that I hot-tub naked!" "I hope you don't mind that I EVERYTHING naked!" "It's a match made in heaven!" "NAKED heaven!"
  23. 23. I'm really not joking. That's Victor running to the Honeymoon Limo in the altogether. The Streaker coding is sort of indestructible.
  24. 24. Becca lives with Bee and Victor. She absolutely had to watch Bee give birth. Yes, Victor is naked.
  25. 25. And this is Connor, another naked hot-tubbing Gemini 4/10/9/5/1. At least he won't care that Daddy thinks that clothing is optional.
  26. 26. "You're making me stargaze." I am making you stargaze. Anaximander Vetinari, Taurus 7/7/5/10/7, is the Gen 6 Uglacy heir. He's a Family Sim whose LTW managed to re-roll itself to Graduate 3 Kids From College. I'm not being facetious there; I have no idea how it happened. Xander's been charged to find out how six generations of Uglacy will mesh with the Pollination Technician.
  27. 27. "I'm not going to enjoy this, am I?" Babies! "...Probing."
  28. 28. "My son got abducted by aliens! Yessss!" Coco was far happier about the abduction than Xander.
  29. 29. The face says it all, really. He's a sad little monkey.
  30. 30. "I've never had cheesecake before. It's tasty!" Get used to it!
  31. 31. "Hey, Brittany, move in and give me some easy Aspiration fodder?" "Sure! Your family's loaded and I can have an expensive bar!" "...Xander, your grandma's sort of harsh."
  32. 32. Brittany Boyle, former cheerleader. She's a Scorpio 10/3/2/4/6 Fortune Sim who wants to be The Law. She really is just here to keep Xander happy; as a Family Sim, he won't be happy if he can't get married, and he can't exactly marry the PolliTech. Her genetic personality is 6/5/8/3/3, but sadly, she has The Slouch. And shows up in a llama suit on community lots.
  33. 33. Coco has apparently started channeling her very-great-grandmother PseudoBruty, and lights the kitchen on fire regularly. And occasionally gets Aspiration points for being a pyromaniac. I should really just stop having her try to make herself chili.
  34. 34. "Who cares about fires? BABIES!"
  35. 35. Eldest main-household Vetinari is Fuller (aka Bucky), who has normal-sized black eyes, black hair, and Malcolm's sad excuse for a nose. The name theme for this generation is modern-era scientist/inventors.
  36. 36. After the traditional "walk through the whole house to deposit the first baby on the floor," Xander twirls and catches again, and Marconi joins the family. Marco has the traditional alien features, including the big black eyes and lack of a nose.
  37. 37. Xander's a predictably good father. A snapdragon in the nursery means that Bucky and Marco are pretty low-maintenance to start with, but Xander doesn't mind being on diaper-duty.
  38. 38. Xander's not the only one getting some loving in. This is Joyce, a Goldendoodle I got for Jonathan the giant-eared dog.
  39. 39. Before too long, it's toddler time, when the Uglacy kids go from "cute!" to "YE GODS!" in the space of a twirl. Xander nabs Bucky.
  40. 40. Coco grabs Marco.
  41. 41. Bucky lives up to Gen 7 Uglacy. Just look at the nose! Fuller is a Sagittarius 8/1/10/10/0. Yup, zero nice points. It was sort of inevitable.
  42. 42. "I can't look. What's the damage?" I'm partial to aliens anyway, and Marco just looks like an alien. Cute! Marconi's a Taurus 7/7/6/10/2. Yet another with maxed playful! Now that we've got the Uglacy under way, let's hit up the Prettacy!
  43. 43. "I'm totally not going to close the cage." I know. Eratosthenes Vetinari, Gen 6 Prettacy heir, is a Sagittarius 2/3/9/10/5 Romance Sim with the LTW to be a Celebrity Chef. He might be a Romancer, but there will be no Archie- or Finn-esque shenanigans here--Rizzo's a one-woman man, and is quite happy that way.
  44. 44. "Thanks for coming, Zoe." "You called and asked so nicely, Romance Boy." "That's pretty much going to be my nickname forever, isn't it?" "Well, if the shoe fits... "I have something else that might fit." "And what might that be?"
  45. 45. "An engagement ring. Whaddaya say, Zoe? Marry me?"
  46. 46. "You got it, Romance Boy!"
  47. 47. "Well, I'm all engaged now, Dad." "Big red ring?" "Yup. But Zoe's great. She might call me Romance Boy like it's a bad thing, but we're crazy about each other." "Don't forget to leave me the rest of that sandwich, Rizzo." "I know, Mom. I know."
  48. 48. Rizzo goes Permaplat after one shift at work, which means it's time to get hitched!
  49. 49. "Ready for a big party and to Marry a Rich Sim?" "Marry a Rich Sim isn't even in my Want Panel. Just Marry Romance Boy." "That works too."
  50. 50. "Helloooooo SimSelf." "No, Archie."
  51. 51. "Zoe, I may be Romance Boy, but you're the only person I have any interest in Romancing. And that's the honest truth."
  52. 52. "Rizzo, you might be Romance Boy, but you're a good guy for all that. I look forward to seeing where this crazy ride ends up. And I love you like mad."
  53. 53. Rizzo's a cake-shover! And now that Zoe's all moved in, I can change her out of the dress.
  54. 54. Much fun was had by all, and Rizzo and Zoe put the motive boost from their honeymoon to good use.
  55. 55. "You know you like me." That I do. Zoe Almassizadeh Vetinari, Pisces 5/3/7/3/7 Knowledge Sim with the LTW to be a Mad Scientist. She's got gray eyes and red hair, which bodes well for future recessives from Rizzo.
  56. 56. Rizzo may not be a man-skank, but he's not exactly the soul of empathy. Poor Zoe's cleaning the toilet she just barfed in, and he's tub-pirating.
  57. 57. Rizzo's also pretty obsessed with writing in his diary. If he's not tub-pirating, he's probably writing in his diary. Zoe is more than happy to camp out next to the Education bookshelf and skill.
  58. 58. Dora and Topher are still keeping the love alive. I think Dora's reminding Topher who he's married to, since he and Zoe throw Knowledge/Knowledge insta-bolts. She doesn't need to worry. Topher knows that no self-respecting White Knight tries to put the moves on his daughter-in-law.
  59. 59. This is Veruca. The fifth? sixth? female cat I got to try to breed with Colin.
  60. 60. It finally worked! Kitty lullaby! This led pretty immediately to...
  61. 61. "I get a kitty! I don't have to live alone anymore! Plus I get a slide!"
  62. 62. "Hey, I know I threw red rings when we got married, but thanks for ignoring them and making it an awesome party anyway." "You can't help the rings, Romance Boy."
  63. 63. "Baby!" "Is this the part where I look surprised and ask what I'm supposed to do?"
  64. 64. "Yes, Mom, that's generally how it happens."
  65. 65. And this is Carver, who has Zoe's gray eyes and Rizzo's brown hair. Sadly, not a blonde or a redhead, and therefore unlikely to be heir.
  66. 66. "Who's not gonna barf on Daddy? Carver's not gonna barf on Daddy!"
  67. 67. Veruca gave birth to a pair of kittens: Warren and... not-Warren.
  68. 68. "At least this one's not all evil and no one's Influencing me to Clean or Repair." Veruca lives with Indy and Di now.
  69. 69. What with strategic WooHoo timing, it's grow-up time for Carver soon.
  70. 70. Carver looks like a mini-Rizzo. He's a Taurus 2/9/7/10/5. Yet another maxed-playful Vetinari! I went five generations with one main-household Sim with more than 3, and now I have playful Sims coming out of my ears.
  71. 71. Safe to say that Rizzo doesn't much care about playing the field. Pit stop time!
  72. 72. Right. This is it. Stay calm, Eddie. Pick up the phone. Ask for Mom back. Pay the nine thousand bucks. Mom will be here in no time.
  73. 73. "Hi. I'd like to bring my mom back. Sycamore Vetinari Landgraab. I have the money. I need nine thousand to bring her back the way she was, right? Just take it and let me have her." "I'm sorry, sir. No one with that name is eligible for resurrection."
  74. 74. "What? That's impossible! I watched her die! Check the list again! Sycamore Vetinari Landgraab! She has to be there! Give me back my mother!" "There is no one of that name eligible for resurrection. Please keep us in mind for your other resurrection needs." *click*
  75. 75. This isn't happening. This isn't happening. I am bringing Mom back!
  76. 76. "Listen! Give me my mother back!" "Sir, I cannot resurrect Sycamore Landgraab." "Is the money not enough? I can get more, just bring her back!" "Money is not an issue. I cannot resurrect Sycamore Landgraab. Have a nice day, sir." *click*
  77. 77. No no no...
  78. 78. "I watched her die! I want her back!" "I can't help you, sir. It doesn't matter how many times you call, I cannot bring Sycamore Landgraab back. Please stop calling." *click* "GIVE ME BACK MY MOTHER!"
  79. 79. Worthless piece of junk. I doubt you could bring back anyone. Just false hope and lies.
  80. 80. I'm sorry, Mom. I tried. I did. I don't know what else I can do. ...I'm sorry I let you down again.
  81. 81. "WE HAVE NO NICE POINTS!" Back at the Uglacy, Eddie's nephews make their feelings known.
  82. 82. Coco teaches Marco how to talk while Xander starts making the calls for his wedding party.
  83. 83. "Hey, Dad." "I don't suppose you've seen Eddie?" "Nope. I asked around at college, but no one said anything about him. Sorry." "It's okay."
  84. 84. "Haha, Xander's getting married!" "He's a Family Sim, Archie, he Wanted to." "...I wanted to." Oh, and who else is watching? CREEPY GARDENER.
  85. 85. "Brittany, you're the best. And I promise that I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."
  86. 86. "That was sweet, Xander. I love you. ...Buy me an expensive loveseat?"
  87. 87. "Sure, why not?"
  88. 88. Xander? Also a cake-shover. Fortunately, I don't think Brittany cared, as an expensive painting was forthcoming.
  89. 89. Post-wedding, Coco taught Fuller to walk and talk. She pretty much handles the toddler-training, because she's the only Permaplat adult in the house, so she's the only one who can use the SmartMilk and the Thinking Caps all the time.
  90. 90. Xander puts the honeymoon motive boost to good use in a slightly different way than usual.
  91. 91. Fuller's squiffy, but I can do worse. Oh yes. I can do worse.
  92. 92. Joyce and Jonathan hit the doghouse, and a doggie lullaby followed. This time, no chance of Creepy Gardener watching.
  93. 93. Xander takes the Aspiration boost from getting married and parlays that into teaching Marco to walk.
  94. 94. "Daddy." "Yup. I'm your Daddy."
  95. 95. Bucky likes the little robot. He's so shy that he'd rather not sit at the rabbit head all day, and occasionally escapes to mangle the little toys Larch left behind for Kest and Cory.
  96. 96. I do believe that's a "Yes," Xander.
  97. 97. Brittany sells Jonathan to Becca. Connor will like having a dog, I think.
  98. 98. "Daddy loves you, Bucky. Please don't torment your brother even though he's nicer than you. That makes him feel bad. It's not nice to be mean to your brother."
  99. 99. He did this all on his own. Playful Sims are FUN.
  100. 100. Xander also completes his novel. There's a snapdragon next to the computer, so he can write while he's pregnant. It seemed to be a bit probe-heavy.
  101. 101. Double-birthday! Shy Bucky says no party, so they're quietly caked by Xander and Coco.
  102. 102. Marconi. I still think he's adorable. I know people hate on the default PolliTech, but I think he can throw cute kids.
  103. 103. You can definitely see the impact of Malcolm's nose here on Bucky.
  104. 104. ...But nothing quite prepares you for how it looks from the side.
  105. 105. "Hey, Bucky! You wanna play pinball?" "No." "Fly kites?" "No." "Rock Paper Scissors?" "No." "Catch?" "...Yeah, all right."
  106. 106. "Ow! Bucky, this hurts!"
  107. 107. "Totally not sorry about it, Marco!"
  108. 108. "Uh, Xander? Don't you remember what happened the last time you ate cheesecake while pregnant?" "Yup." "So why are you doing it?" "Because I remember what happened the last time I ate cheesecake while pregnant."
  109. 109. Joyce has her puppies! Kennedy and... not-Kennedy.
  110. 110. Brittany sells Joyce to Fee. Kate gets a dog too!
  111. 111. Didi's son Matty follows Bucky and Marco home from school, and after a water balloon fight, the three of them were friends. A water balloon fight is probably the safest way to make friends with Bucky and Marco.
  112. 112. "Baby!" "Can I have another one too?" NO.
  113. 113. The first twin is Tesla! She's got the big black alien eyes, Malcolm's fake schnoz, and Xander's mouth, all the way back from Rosemarie. I don't think I could have asked for a better combination of features.
  114. 114. Faraday is Tess's twin brother. He got normal-sized eyes the same shade of blue as Xander's, no nose, Xander's mouth, and Xander's brown hair. And with the last of the Gen 7 Uglacy kids born, time to check in on the last two of the Gen 6 spares...
  115. 115. Tolly goes Permaplat by becoming Chief of Staff. I hooked him and Archie up with a nice bachelor pad, and made a quick trip to the Uglacy to get Archie his dog Maggie back.
  116. 116. Archie goes Permaplat again by becoming a Hall of Famer. Now he wants to be a Professional Party Guest.
  117. 117. Hello. What's this?
  118. 118. "Anything good in the mail, Archie?" "Bills. And I got an invitation to be the spokesman for some dive bar in the middle of nowhere." "Sounds cool. Being a Hall of Famer has its perks, I guess." "Better than Chief of Staff."
  119. 119. "You gonna do it?" "And let some chubby barkeep with three teeth profit from my fame? As if." "I dunno, I guess you'd get to be pretty well-known. Ladies like famous guys, right?" "Famous for endorsing warm beer and greasy chili-cheese fries." "So you're passing it up?" "Eh, I may as well go meet the guy. Besides, I like greasy chili-cheese fries. Plus, you have a point about the sweet sweet SimSelf lovin'."
  120. 120. "So you've decided to do it, then, Archie?" "Yeah, why not?"
  121. 121. "I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"