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Health and illnesses

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Health and illnesses

  1. 1. • Health is a state of phisical , mental and social well-being.Illnesses are health problems that affect your body´s organs. phisical mental socialThere are many tipes of doctors:•A general practioner.• A medical specialist.•A cardiologist.Poeople ussually go to hospital ifthey have a medical emergency.•Illnesses usually have specific , • A doctor studies these symptoms • The prover treatment can like a fever, pain or coughing. and makes a diagnosis. Relieve the symptoms.
  2. 2. There are two types of illnesses:Non-infection diseases aren´t caused by microorganismInfection diseases are caused by microorganism like :•Bacteria can cause diseases like tetanus and salmonellosisare treat with antibiotics.•Viruses are harmfullto human beings like flu rubella and AIDS•Fungi cause diseases of the skin, hairand nails like athlete´foot
  3. 3. •Bacteria, viruses , protozons and fungi are common microorganism.Some of them are not harmfull to humana , but others can causeInfectious diseases.
  4. 4. •By personal contact .•By contact with contaminate objects.•By animal carryes.•By contaminated food.•By contaminated water.
  5. 5.  HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HABITS•Wash your hands.•Brush your teeth.•Clean cuts.•Keep your pets healthy.•Wash raw fruits and vegetables.•Don´twalk barefoot at public swiming pools..
  6. 6. A vaccine is a substance that contains weak or dead microorganism they help your body to resist the same diseases in the future.When a doctor gives you a vaccination, vaccine can’t hurt you body produces special substance called antibodies, just in the future your body will produce the same antibodies again to defend itself.
  7. 7. Eat a balance diet Tri to do regular Try to get exercise 8-10 hours of sleepFollow the safetyrules Try to acept and Accept and respect yourself respect other people