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Leveraging Social Media as Business Tool

  1. By : Robin Low Leveraging on SOCIAL MEDIA as a business tool
  2. A radical change has occurred in the World of advertising and marketing “ ”
  3. Consumers are not listening anymore Interruptive marketing has seen it’s day Source:
  4. The Audience is creating Source: IIR_M1805_Seaton.pdf
  5. The Audience is selecting Time Shift technology Source: IIR_M1805_Seaton.pdf
  6. The Audience is changing Source: IIR_M1805_Seaton.pdf
  7. Consumers control the online environment so brands need to think about facilitating user-created actions, not just user-generated content." Unlike newspapers and TV where the advertisers are speaking at consumers, the Internet allows for more back and forth interaction. Source: “ ” advancements of… digital media
  8. growth of social media
  9. growth of social media
  10. I believe in the bloggers and their ideas. They are my friends and will tell me the truth, unlike advertisements. “ ” Source:
  11. The “ satisfaction effect ” Source:
  12. Engagement is all about making it relevant to the consumer. “ ” James Speros, Chief marketing officer, Ernst & Young
  13. The editorial/reader relationship is a one-to-one conversation, and in time it creates a bond of trust, of belief, expectation and empathy. It is through the quality of this relationship that an aperture or opening to the reader’s mind and heart is created, through which we advertisers can establish communication. “ ” Advertiser with Readers’ Digest
  14. Attention Engagement The new paradigm
  15. “ A direct result of not tying activity to an end game, the ability to know what it is we want to measure before we engage. Doing so, allows us to define a strategy and a tactical plan to support activity that helps us reach our goals and objectives.” -- Brian Solis, author and principal of the FurtureWorks agency measuring ROI
  17. Weak Ties: Defined weak ties (acquaintances, not close friends) enable reaching populations and audiences that are not accessible via strong ties. weak ties
  18. • Weak ties can be powerful, but Challenging to build across cultures, languages, and preferred sites • Weak ties are powerful because they can give you what close friends and community often cannot (e.g., different ideas, connections, resources, models, etc) weak ties (cont)
  19. Twitter: dmediaacademy Blog: http:// / Facebook: jump on the social media bandwagon now!

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. THE PEOPLE is INTERNET= And the internet can’t exist without people. The market is people Pre 2007- maintstream media controls majority of influence, credibility and exposure and now the futur Post 2007: Creators of Social Media begin to enjoy increased visibility, credibility and audience exposure. Is this some kind of joke? No it is not? It is happening right now. What will you do if you were given 500 bucks and you are told to buy a product that you never heard of at all? You Google!, you ask questions in forum to strangers, you read review of the internet because you know that they are HONEST opinions and NOT PAID OPINIONS. They are COMMENT/REMARKS and NOT ADVERTISING!!!
  2. In a nutshell, Social Media is online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.
  3. Empowers people, giving people a voice.
  4. When a consumer is happy, they come back for more, they share with their friends, they are evangelist, eventually they SHOUT even louder when company value their thoughts and allow them to feel belong, a sense of ownership of the brands. Look at APPLE, before IPOD was out, everyone is talking about it, anticipate for IPOD because behind all this exist a community, a community of brand advocates! Speaking of functional attributes, doesn’t other products like SAMSUNG, IRIVER serves the same functional attributes, but why are they people still saying that they prefer more of IPOD than these brands!.. How is this applied to the social media? Social media allows participation in a community. People interacts in the community, interactions is conversation, conversation are word of mouth. They bring their knowledge to the reality and spread it out. Research says 70% of Word of mouth are done offline.! The web gives them a TOPIC, an Insight, a News to talk about.
  5. Faced with too much choice, too much media, too much marketing, consumers are effectively, filtering or actively rejecting the onslaught. Through sharing and interaction, you can build a following that will help promote your products and services.