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Minimum Investment Criteria According to the MicroBanking Bulletin, operational self-sufficiency is defined as Financial Revenue / (Financial Expense + Net Loan Loss Provision Expense + Operating Expense) *   Leverage: Equity / Total Assets greater than or equal to 12% 11   Charge-offs less than or equal to 5.00% 10   Portfolio at Risk over 30 days less than or equal to 6.00% 9   Demonstrated community support (and support from other funders) 8   Sound financial condition, including ability to repay investment 7   Portfolio diversification 6   Minimum loan portfolio of $3 million 5   Minimum total assets of $5 million 4   Strong and seasoned management where CEO has been with the institution more than 12 months 3   Minimum two-year track record where Operating Self Sufficiency* is greater than or equal to 100% 2   Minimum three-year track record with audited financial statements 1   Organizations that meet the initial criteria identified in A, must also meet most of the following criteria:     Financial and Other Criteria: B.   Supports diverse communities in urban and/or rural areas in developing countries 3   Contributes to growing the local economy, expanding opportunity or promoting work-related activities, homeownership and non-traditional business owners 2   Focuses on low-income communities and individuals, as well as organizatons without access to traditional sources of capital 1   Desirable MFIs are those with an explicit development mission that:     Development Criteria: A.

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