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What is MicroPlace? Individual investors Security Issuers $250 $250 $300 $500 $500,000 $1,000,000 MFIs $500,000 $1,000,000 Purchase securities on MicroPlace web site Direct investment funds to MFI of choice Receive interest & principal payments from security issuers Subject to NASD Approval, MicroPlace will become a Registered securities broker (U.S. regulatory body) Operates website and mass-markets to U.S. investors Tracks investments directed to each MFI Assists issuers with investor and payments management Create securities and register them for public sale to U.S. individuals Use proceeds from security sales to fund loans to MFIs Underwrite & monitor loans directly or through sub-advisors Responsible for paying interest & principal to investors Borrow funds from issuers Use financing raised to fund microfinance activities Repay principal and interest to issuers Provide detailed MFI information to maximize investor interest 1 A security is a contract that can be assigned a value and traded. In the United States, all securities must meet state registration requirements before they can be sold to the public. Examples include a note, stock, preferred share, bond, or virtually any other financial asset. In general, any transaction that involves an investment of money in an enterprise, with an expectation of profits to be earned through the efforts of someone other than the investor, is a transaction involving a security. (Examples for illustration) Other issuers to be identified MicroPlace is an online brokerage that raises capital for Microfinance institutions & funds through the sale of securities 1 to U.S. individual investors

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